21 to 30 Table And Easy Methods To Memorize Times Table

Multiplication times table can be extremely difficult for teaching but fear not as we have curated a fine list of easy methods for remembering multiplication times table and keeping your kids engaged. What Are Multiplication Tables? Times tables, also known as multiplication tables are tables that list the multiples of a specific number. Multiplications can … Read more

 Factors of 65?

The factors of 65 are the numbers that divide 65 evenly, leaving no remainder. The factors of 65 are 1, 5, 13, and 65. To find the factors of 65, you can divide 65 by each number between 1 and 65, and any number that divides 65 evenly is a factor. Here we discuss Factors … Read more

Numbers Types of Numbers | Number names 1 to 100

Here we will discuss Numbers and its type also see Number names 1 to 10. What are Numbers? Within our everyday routines, we use numerals. They are frequently referred to as numbers. We can’t count objects, calendars, age, cash, or anything else without numerals. These digits are often used for measuring and several other situations … Read more

how to solve 100 divided by 3 (step by step)

Here we will solve 100 divided by 3 and provide step by step details Long Division Method Step 1: Write the dividend (100) inside the long division symbol (÷) and write the divisor (3) outside the symbol.

Step 2: Determine how many times the divisor (3) can go into the first digit of the … Read more

What Is 7/8 As A Percentage?

7/8 As A Percentage is 87.5 % Percent and fractions are the two terms that we generally use in comparing quantities. A fraction is represented as a numerical value that is defined as a part of a whole while percent, a relative value tells you how much of the whole you have and it is … Read more

What Is 5/8 As A Decimal?

A number can be represented in two ways i.e. fractions and decimals. Fraction A fraction or a fractional number is expressed as a numerical value that is defined as a portion or a part of a whole. In other words, a fractional number represents the equal parts of the whole. A fraction has two parts i.e denominator … Read more

What is 3/8 as a Decimal?

Converting the fraction 3/8 to its decimal form is quite possibly one of the most simple and easiest calculations one can do. We will show you how one can turn any fraction number into its decimal form in less than 3 seconds in this guide. So let’s go! 3/8 as a decimal format gives detailed … Read more

Profit and loss

Cost Price– the price at which an article is purchased is called its cost price(CP)Selling Price– the price at which an article is sold is called its selling price (SP)Profit or Gain– if SP is greater than CP, the seller is said to have a profit. Loss- if SP is less than CP the seller … Read more

Time and Distance

If the ratio of the speed of A & B is a:b then the ratio of time taken by them to cover the same distance is “The time taken for covering a certain distance is increasingly proportional to the speed.” Similarly time taken to finish a work is the inversed proportional to the number of … Read more

Ratio and Proportion

Ratio – the ratio of two quantity a & b in the same unit is the fraction and we write it a:b In a ratio a:b we call a as the first term or antecedent and b the second term or consequent. Rule– the multiplication or division of each term of a ratio by the … Read more