What is the value of 5 million dollars in Indian rupees?

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Factors of 108| Prime factorization of 108

Factors of 108 are the numbers that when multiplied in pairs give the product as 108. The factors of 108 consist of all the integers i.e. positive as well as negative whole numbers – 108 can be divided into such integers. Before we study about factors of 108, let’s have a quick recall about the … Read more

How much is 1 million: In Rupees thousands lakhs dollars

1 million meaning In Mathematics, 1 million implies 1 thousand thousand. If we talk mathematically, then 1 million is a natural number which is preceded by 1000001 and followed by 999999. We rarely use millions in our daily life unlike lakhs, thousands, and hundreds. Therefore, to be honest most of us do not have a … Read more

What Is 7/8 As A Percentage?

7/8 As A Percentage is 87.5 % Percent and fractions are the two terms that we generally use in comparing quantities. A fraction is represented as a numerical value that is defined as a part of a whole while percent, a relative value tells you how much of the whole you have and it is … Read more

What is 1/8 as a Decimal Number?

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How many weeks in a year?

How many weeks in a year? A regular year in the ‘modern’ calendar contains 365 days, which, when divided by 7, equals 52.14 weeks. Every 4 years, there comes a leap year*, putting an extra day into the calendar (poor those 17-year-olds born on February 29th, 2000, who have only had four actual birthdays) (pity … Read more

What Is 5/8 As A Decimal?

A number can be represented in two ways i.e. fractions and decimals. Fraction A fraction or a fractional number is expressed as a numerical value that is defined as a portion or a part of a whole. In other words, a fractional number represents the equal parts of the whole. A fraction has two parts i.e denominator … Read more

What is 3/8 as a Decimal?

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21 to 30 Table And Easy Methods To Memorize Times Table

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