34 Applications of Computer in various fields

We are going to discuss Applications of Computer in various fields. We have given only a few applications nowadays computer are using in many fields. The first electronic computer systems were used to perform difficult numerical calculations. Gradually they have come to take on more complicated and much wider roles. They now perform a diverse … Read more

Give initial auto increment value while table creation

When we create a table we can give a auto increment value to a primary key filed. This field is auto incremented by one for newly inserted value. To start auto increment from specified number AUTO_INCREMENT = value is used while creating table. Example:

If you have already created a table and then want … Read more

DataInputStream and DataOutputStream for primitive data

In java, a basic input-output stream provides a method for reading & writing bytes or characters in a file. If we want to read-write primitive data types (such as int, float, etc.) then we can use filter classes to filter data in the original stream. DataInputStream & DataOutputStream are two filter classes used for creating … Read more

Leap Year Program in Java

A Leap Year is a year which has 366 days. This year February is of 29 days. Leap years occurs in every four years. A leap year has following constraints. We can check in programming as below A year is divisible by 400 then it is a leap year A year is divisible by 4 … Read more

Finding all column name of table

Suppose we have a table user and we want to fetch all its column name.For this we use INFORMATION_SCHEMA. we will use following query to fetch all column name of table

  Above query will fetch all columns of user table available in social database. Read More Setting innodb_lock_wait_timeout Set time zone in mysql … Read more

Get ASCII value of char javascript charCodeAt() & codePointAt()

get the ASCII value of char javascript ASCII is a Character Encoding Scheme. The full form of ASCII is American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII Encode any character in 7 bits. it was developed for telegraph code. ASCII is used to represent 128 English characters in Numbers. ASCII value for A is 65, B … Read more

What is Java Pi | Pi in Java | Math.PI Java Value and Example

Pi (π) is a well-known mathematical constant whose value is 22/7 or 3.14159265359. Programming languages also use this constant for mathematical calculation. Here we discuss PI with respect to the Java programming language. In Java PI is defined as a field in java.lang.Math class. It is defined as static double PI and described as The double value … Read more

PHP do while loop statement with syntax and example

If specified condition is true, loop through block of code once and then repeat again and again. Syntax of PHP do while loop:



Do while loop is known as exit control loop because it check the condition at last(on exit). Do while loop executes at least once when if condition … Read more

Simple and compound interest

[latexpage] Simple interest $SI = P*R*T/100$ P= principal amount R = rate/unit T = time/year month day etc. Compound interest $CI = P(1+\frac{R}{100})^n$ P= principal amount R= rate/unit T= time unit Where rate are difference for different unit or time. Than $C.I = p(1+\frac{R1}{100}) (1+\frac{R2}{100}) (1+\frac{R3}{100}) ……….$ Present worth of Rs x lac in year … Read more

While loop in PHP Syntax and Example

While loop in PHP is also used for repeating statements in PHP. PHP while loop check for condition if condition is true then code inside body of loop is get executed. while – As long conditions is true, it loop back again and again through block of code. While loop in PHP Syntax while (condition … Read more