SpringBoot JPA @OneToMany Mapping : Fetch data from tables

SpringBoot JPA @OneToMany Mapping as name says we will see one to many mapping in SpringBoot and JPA. First see the ER Diagram SpringBoot JPA @OneToMany Mapping ER Diagram Following is the Entity Relationship Diagram for user, user_mails and user_mobiles table. One user can have multiple mail ids. So this is a one to many … Read more

Jquery remove element : remove text HTML div image table

Jquery remove element is a way to remove an element from DOM. Jquery remove element on button click The remove() is very useful to remove the elements

How to remove Jquery element by class To remove any class in html remove() is used. In following example class two is removed on button click event. … Read more

What is the value of 5 million dollars in Indian rupees?

How much are 5 million dollars in Indian rupees? You can calculate easily you must know the value of 5 million and price of a dollar multiply it and get the answer. We are calculation this as below Note – initially, I want to bring this to the notice of all our readers that we … Read more

Angular Routing with example

What is Routing in Angular? Angular Router provides a way to navigate one part to another part in Single Page Application (SPA). How to create Routing in Angular? Here we used Angular 14 for this project. At the time of creation of project it will ask to include angular route press Y to add routing. … Read more

How to create First Angular App (Step by step )

We are using visual studio 1.69 code editor for this project.To use Angular your computer should have node.js and angular installed.To install node see this and to install angular see this To check the version of node.js use the node -v commandand to check the angular version use the ng version commandhere we are usingAngular … Read more

Angular Spring Boot showing data in table

Here we will use Angular and Spring boot to show data in HTML table. Spring boot To start a spring project go to https://start.spring.io/ For this project we selected Java 1.8 Spring Web Spring Data JPA MySQL Driver Click on generate to download spring boot project then extract then project zip file and move to … Read more

Java Jcombobox example set selected item actionlistener  getselecteditem

JComboBox is Drop down box with multiple values in Java Swing. It is defined as javax.swing.JComboBox<E>. Here E is type of element of JComboBox.

JComboBox Constructors Sr No Constructors and Description 1 JComboBox() Create a JComboBox with default default data model 2 JComboBox(ComboBoxModel aModel) Create a JComboBox with ComboBoxModel aModel 3 JComboBox(E[] items) Create … Read more

Localhost PhpMyAdmin | localhost/phpmyadmin/

Access your localhost/PHPMyAdmin localhost/PHPMyAdmin/ On clicking the above link you will find your localhost as below. In your XAMPP or WAMP server is not started then you will get the following screen. How to start XAMPP in Localhost Localhost PhpMyAdmin | localhost/phpmyadmin/ After starting apache and mysql just type below address in address bar to … Read more

Factors of 108| Prime factorization of 108

Factors of 108 are the numbers that when multiplied in pairs give the product as 108. The factors of 108 consist of all the integers i.e. positive as well as negative whole numbers – 108 can be divided into such integers. Before we study about factors of 108, let’s have a quick recall about the … Read more

CPU full form

CPU full form is the Central Processing Unit of a computer. A computer consists of various parts, what is CPU full form CPU full form is Central Processing Unit (CPU), the central computing unit, abbreviated as CPU. The easiest way to understand is, the calculator when you enter 1+1, he will help you calculate 2, … Read more