Bootstrap5 Examples

Bootstrap 5 Templet Example Bootstrap5 Container Example Bootstrap5 Fixed Container Example Bootstrap5 Fluid Container Example Bootstrap 5 Responsive Containers Bootstrap5 Grid Examples Bootstrap5 Basic Structure of Grid Example Bootstrap5 Responsive Columns Example Bootstrap5 Two Unequal Responsive Columns Bootstrap5 Typography, Display, Text and Color Examples Bootstrap5 Typography Example Bootstrap5 .h1 to .h6 classes Bootstrap5 Display Headings … Read more

Print prime numbers from 1 to n in java

Print prime numbers from 1 to n in java using while loop

Read More Prime Number Program In Java Using While Loop

Harshad numbers

In this universe, we know that the number system is the base of every mathematical model. When we talk about programming, we do deal with numbers and a way to manipulate the data variables through in-built functions and modules. Lots of concepts are there from which one is a Harshad Number. Another name of Harshad … Read more

HTML5 Document Structure

HTML5 Document Structure General HTML 5 Document Structure is as below

<!DOCTYPE html> specifies that this document is HTML5 document and you can use all html5 tags here. <html> is root tag of HTML document it contains two child tags <head> and <body> <head> specifies that this portion contains heading information of the page … Read more

Crud operations in PHP using mysqli and PHPMyAdmin

PHP MySQL CRUD involves the connection of PHP with the MySQL database and performing Create (Insert), Read (Select), Update (Modify), and Delete Operation on the table. PHP and MySQL connectivity is a very important topic while learning PHP here step by step PHP and MySQL connectivity and creat update delete and read operations are discussed using … Read more

PhpMyAdmin | localhost/phpmyadmin Access phpMyAdmin

Access you localhost/PHPMyAdmin localhost/PHPMyAdmin On clicking the above link you will find your localhost as below. In your XAMPP or WAMP server is not started then you will get the following screen. How to start XAMPP in Localhost Read More How to deploy and run a war file in XAMPP tomcat Q how do i … Read more

XAMPP export database: Export & Import MySql Database in phpMyAdmin

XAMPP export database: Export and Import MySql Database is very easy anyone can easily import and export it. First, let us see how to export the database from phpMyAdmin XAMPP export database from phpMyAdmin Follow these steps to export Mysql Database How to import the database in PHPMyAdmin XAMPP is the same as below how … Read more

Excel file download in Struts2 using apache POI

Apache POI is a project by Apache Software Foundation. It provides the Java API for Microsoft Documents. You can find out more about Apache POI. You can also download apache POI from here. how to save xls file in java struts2 Here we are explaining how to export data from struts2 action to an XML … Read more

Prime number program in java using for loop

Prime number program in java using for loop is very simple. we already discussed the prime number example with the while loop. Prime number program in java using for loop

Prime Number Between Given Range In Java using for loop

Caret Symbol (^) and its use

Did you ever wonder what is the symbol above the digit 6 on your standard qwerty keyboard? Or let me put this in another way. Can you tell me which is the least used punctuation mark in conventional writing? No, no! I do not mean that it is not used at all. Well, it is … Read more