21 to 30 Table And Easy Methods To Memorize Times Table

Multiplication times table can be extremely difficult for teaching but fear not as we have curated a fine list of easy methods for remembering multiplication times table and keeping your kids engaged. What Are Multiplication Tables? Times tables, also known as multiplication tables are tables that list the multiples of a specific number. Multiplications can … Read more

SpringBoot JPA @OneToMany Mapping : Fetch data from tables

SpringBoot JPA @OneToMany Mapping as name says we will see one to many mapping in SpringBoot and JPA. First see the ER Diagram SpringBoot JPA @OneToMany Mapping ER Diagram Following is the Entity Relationship Diagram for user, user_mails and user_mobiles table. One user can have multiple mail ids. So this is a one to many … Read more

CS Full form – Company Secretary or Computer Science

What is the full form of CS? There are two different full forms of CS, in commerce, it is Company Secretary, and in computer, it is Computer Science. CS is an abbreviation for Company Secretary. It is a senior position in both the commercial and governmental sectors. It is one of the highest-paying occupations—employees with … Read more

 Factors of 65?

The factors of 65 are the numbers that divide 65 evenly, leaving no remainder. The factors of 65 are 1, 5, 13, and 65. To find the factors of 65, you can divide 65 by each number between 1 and 65, and any number that divides 65 evenly is a factor. Here we discuss Factors … Read more

Operator Precedence and associativity in JavaScript

Operator Precedence Operator precedence determines the order in which operators are evaluated when more than one operator is used in an expression. The higher an operator’s precedence, the earlier it is evaluated in comparison with the operators with lower precedence. Consider the following example:

The above expression is evaluated in the order of the … Read more

JTable Pagination in Java JDBC and MySQL Database

Here we will see how to develop JTable Pagination in java. We will use JDBC prepared statement and MySQL Database. We used NetBeans IDE and Jdk 1.8 to develop this project. Our Project Structure is as below To develop this project we used Book Example. Project Development Steps are 1 Create Table in MySQL Database … Read more

Simple Interest Calculator in Android

SimpleInterest calculator in Android is developed to calculate the simple Interest in Android apps. Android Studio Chipmunk is used to develop this project. Simple interest formula is p*r*t/100 activity_main.xml Created a TextView to show messages at the top. Create a Number (decimal) field for the Principal amount and rate. Create a Number field for Time. … Read more

html/jsp page response in ajax get method

We want to get an entire page as ajax response by using jquery get method. Steps: 1) First create pages(FirstJsp.jsp and SecondJsp.jsp) 2) call jquery get method to get ajax response in one page(here FirstJsp.jsp to get SecondJsp.jsp) 3)Configure struts.xml file Lets start with page creating FirstJsp.jsp




how to return array, arraylist, object from a method in java

In Java we can create methods to do specific work and many times we have to return results from java method. A java method can return any datatypes or object type from method. 1 Return primitive datatypes from method A Returning int long float double values from a java method A. Return a integer value … Read more