GATE 2010 CSE Q. NO. 11

(A) 2 2 (B) 2 1 (C) 0 1 (D) 0 2 Explaination : In main function we are passing the address of i and j in function f() and collecting the addresses in pointer variable p and q respectively. Now we are assigning the content of q to the p So *p=2 will … Read more

GATE 2010 CSE Q. NO. 35

f is a recursive function, after solving the function we will get the value 15 as output 12 + (7 – (13 – (4 + (11 – (6+0))))) = 15.

Rotation of triangle

Implementation of DDA line drawing algorithm

First Program Hello Everyone! in C Programming

All c statemtns are written inside main() it is the starting point of execution. To represent start and ent of main() we use curly breces{}. To display text in output window we use printf() Example


Program to check a String palindrome in C

A string that reads the same a forwards and backwards is known as palindrome. Like MADAM, RADAR, STATS, SOLOS, TENET, WOW Here we will see programs to check whether a string is palindrome or not. We use gcc 9.1.0 compiler to run our programs We will discuss Palindrome program as below Simple program using loop … Read more

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