34 Applications of Computer in various fields

We are going to discuss Applications of Computer in various fields.

We have given only a few applications nowadays computer are using in many fields.

The first electronic computer systems were used to perform difficult numerical calculations.

Gradually they have come to take on more complicated and much wider roles.

They now perform a diverse array of functions and services, and play an important and major role in most individual’s professional and personal lives.

Computer system is a tool or device through which you an individual perform various jobs.

You can use your computer for several applications by changing the software packages.

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Computer Applications
Computer Applications

Here are the list of applications or uses of computer system-

1. For Scientific Research

Computer was first used to perform Scientific Research job, and it was the first application of computer.

The accuracy and speed of computer enabled scientific analysis carried out too fast at that time to now.

Computer controlled robots must be used in all those fields which are dangerous to human lives like in deep sea investigation and nuclear researchetc.

Scientists were one of the 1st groups that adopted computer systems as a work tool.

Applications of Computer for sharing data and information, research with other specialists both locally and internationally, as well as storing, analyzing, categorizing, and collecting data.

Computer systems also play an important role in maintaining, controlling, and launching space craft, as well as operating other advanced technology.

2. For Business Application

For the purpose of business application, computer can also be used.

Brands can grow their business as fast as possible through deciding what to do next without any delay and by quick analysis of their previous project on the computer screen (according to the data fed inside) through computers.

As multinational companies to individuals, all are using computers forkeeping accountitems, prices, stocks, information etc. and other business purpose.

A computer system has high speed of versatility, reliability, accuracy, diligence, calculation that made it an integrated part in all business institutions and organizations.

Applications of Computer in business organizations for: Maintenance of stocks, managing employees database, financial forecasting, budgeting, sales analysis, payroll calculation etc.

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3. For Education

You can also use your computers/ PCs foreducating yourself through images, videos audio, etc.

There are hundreds and thousands of sites available over Internet nowadays which are ready for delivering education for free in almost eachsubject.

You can pick whether you want to learn offline or online. You can open anysite to read your desired topics in online learning while you can learn through videos in offline learning, photos, PDFs etc.,

all these documents can be downloaded through world wide web or internet.

They can be used for accessing educational data and information from internet and intranet sources, or via e-books.

Applications of Computer in education for maintaining and monitoring student performance, including through the use of online examinations, as well as for creating assignments and projects.

4. For Entertainment

Many individuals are using computer system for entertainment purposes such as:

  • animations
  • Photos
  • Listening songs
  • Watching videos
  • Watching movies etc.

Applications of Computer for Entertainment as creating these things in an attractive manner so that the customer loves to enjoy these things.

5. In Banks

Banks are the institutions where there is continuous useof computer systems and PCs.

Therefore, we can surely say that the banks are the major users of computers. For example, Automated teller machine, or ATM in short, can be used for either depositing or withdrawing our cash in/from our Bank.

All data and information likeinterest, withdrawal, deposits, and account holder details, etc. are managed by computers in banks.

All of the branches of the banks are interconnected using network of computers so that their customers feel always free to deposit his or her money and cash in any branch of the same bank all over the nation.

6. For Communication

Conveying a message, an idea, a picture or speech which is understood and received correctly and clearly by the individual for whom it is meant for,

is known as communication. Some major areas in this category are: Telnet, videoconferencing, FTP, Usenet, Email messages, and chatting.

Using your computer systems or PCsfor the sole purpose of communication provides you a lot of advantages and benefits.

For example, if you will use email messages for sending anything to your friends or any of your contacts or your friends or relatives, then you don’t have to use pencil, pen and paper for writing and taking that paper to post office.

Then postman will be delivering that later after few days or sometime that will not be good if you want to send any urgent data or information to the same person.

Therefore, using email messages, you can also saves your cost and time for delivering any data or information very fast.

You only need a computer or PC and internet connectivity for this purpose.

Now-a-days, peoples are usingvoice-mail, email messages, and chat messages etc. for communication purpose.

You can also use your personal computer for communicating  through direct video conference with your contacts or friends who are present at any location in the world without any cost except internet connection.

Now, I am sure that you have got enough idea and information about communication through computer systems.

It’s time for moving on another application of computers which is engineering.

7. For Engineering Purposes

Computer systems are also used for the purpose of Engineering, i.e., for designing any machine without actually making it through CAD (Computer aided design) software.

Once the design is accepted, and then using CAM (Computer aided manufacturing) process for producing a vast number of such products at very fast speed.

Architects are also using computer systems for drawing and designing big buildings to individual houses like Apartments.

There are many more uses of computer systems only for engineering purposes.

As per the title, computer systems can easily aid in designing buildings, books, newspapers, prints, magazines and many others.

The layouts of construction are designed beautifully on computer systems using different software and tools.

8. For Medicines Related

Computer systemsplay a vital and an important role in medical field also.

For example, computer systems can keep track of each and everything going inside the patient’s body in ICU

i.e. Intensive Care Unit such as heartbeat and blood pressure etc.

To keep records of medicines and patients also become easy through the use of Computer systems.

Computer also plays an important role to perform X-Ray and CT (Computed tomography) scan of patients for giving the scanned object of specified area of the body of the patient in the form of graphics such as images.

Healthcare is a sector that continues to be revolutionized by computer systems.

As well as digitized medical information making it easier for storing and accessing patient data, complex information can also be analyzed by software to aid discovery of diagnoses, as well as search for risks of diseases.

Computer systems control lab equipment, heart rate monitors, and blood pressure monitors.

They also let doctors for having greater access to data and information on the latest drugs, as well as the ability for sharing data and information on diseases with other medical specialists.

9. For Book Publishing

Book publishing has also become an easy task with the use of computer systems.

Book publishers are now using software such as MS-Word- DTP (Desktop publishing) forpublishing their books.

10. For Games

For most of the time, individuals use computers for playing games.

You must have the internet connectivity for playing online games whereasyou can play without any internet connectivity for offline gaming.

There are numerous games available in computer world and here are some of the category available in the game field-

  • combat
  • Simulations
  • Puzzle
  • Adventurous
  • Racing
  • Action etc.

Individuals are playing (mostly today’s or new generation children) games on computer systems for few to many hours.

Some popular games are listed here:

  • Super Mario Bros
  • Pokémon
  • Halo
  • Call of duty
  • Angry bird
  • Pubg
  • Grand theft auto
  • Wow
  • Skyrim
  • Counter strike
  • Minecraft etc.

11. For Personal Use

Computer systems can also be used for personal uses and purposes.

Individuals can use computer systems for keeping all the essential day-to-day details that needs to be noted somewhere.

You can also use it for personal things such as savings, expenditures, incomes, investments etc.

12. For Accounting Purposes

Computer systems are highly used for accounting purposes forhandlinginventory management and company financial accounts and using some accounting software like Tally.

With the use of computer systems, the task to maintain accounts become very easy.

Later you can also retrieve the information and data on the basis of several requirement or pattern very easily.

13. Marketing

Uses of computer systems in marketing are :
Advertising – With computers, advertising professionals disseminate and print ads, revise and write copy, create graphics and arts with the goal of selling more products.

Home Shopping – Through the use of computerized catalogues, home shopping has been made easy and possible that provide permit direct entry of orders to be filled by the customers and access to product information.

14. Insurance

Insurance companies keep all records up-to-date with the help of computer systems.

The stock broking firms, finance houses, and insurance companies widely using computer systems for their concerns.

15. Health Care

Most of the medicinal data and information can now be digitized from the reports to the prescription.

Computation in the medicinal fields has allowed us for offering several miraculous therapies to the patients.

Radiotherapy and ECG’s weren’t possible without computer systems.

16. Military

Computer systems are the main tools and devices that help to develop missiles and other equipment in the defense system.

Maintenance and Designing are possible only through computer systems.

Computer systems builds the links between the commanders and soldiers through the satellite.

Controlling the function of weapons and their construction is not possible without the aid of computer systems.

The records of the cops and the list of the criminals are maintained regularly in the system.

17. Retail and Trade

Computer systems can be used for buying and selling products online – this enables sellers for reaching a wider market with low overheads, and buyers can easily compare prices, read reviews, and select delivery preferences.

They can be also used to direct trade and advertise, using websites such as Craigslist, eBay, or local listings on independent sites or social platforms.

18. Government

Several government institutions and departments use computer systems for improving the efficiency and quality of their services.

Examples include tourism, traffic, law enforcement, and tourism. Computer systems can be used for storing information, promoting services, communicating internally and externally, as well as for routine administrative purposes.

19. Publishing

Computer systems can be used for designing pretty much any type of publication and these might include newspapers, novels, fashion magazines, marketing materials, and newsletters.

Applications of Computer in the publishing of both e-books and hard-copy. They can also used for marketing publications and tracking sales.

20. Transport

Boats, planes, trains, and road vehicles are increasingly automated with computer systems and they are being used formaintaining navigation systems and safety, and increasingly to steer, fly, or drive.

They can also be used in highlighting issues and problems that require attention, such as a failing mechanical part, oil changes, low level fuels.

Applications of Computer can be used for customizing settings for people, for example, air-conditioning temperatures and seat setup.

21. Navigation

Since computer technology has been combined with GPS technology, navigation has become increasingly computerized.

Computer systems combined with satellites mean that it is now extremely easy for pinpointing your exact location, have a good idea of amenities and places of interest around you and know which way that you are moving on a map.

22. Working From Home

Computer systems have made forms of remote working like working from home increasingly common.

Workers can easily share data and information, communicate, and access necessary data without commuting to a traditional office.

Managers can also monitor workers’ productivity remotely.

23. Social and Romance

Computer systems have opened up various ways of socializing that didn’t exist previously.

Social media platforms have allowed individuals to chat in audio or text or video in real time across large distances, as well as exchange memes, videos and photographs.

Dating apps and sites have helped individuals find romance.

Online groups also help individuals for connecting with other people who have similar interests.

Blogs also enable individuals to express their views on numerous topics and share a variety of views, updates, and experiences.

Online forums have enabled discussions between individuals on general and specialist topics.

24. Booking Vacations

Computer systems can be used by travelers for studying timetables, examining route options, and buying plane, train, or bus tickets.

Applications of Computer for exploring and booking accommodation, whether traditional hotels, or through newer services, such as Air BnB.

Guided trips, events, excursions, and tours can also be explored and booked online using computer systems.

25. Security and Surveillance

Computer systems are increasingly being combined with other technologies for monitoring individuals and goods.

Computer systems combined with biometric passports make it harder and difficult for individuals for fraudulently entering a country or gaining access to a passenger airplane.

Face-recognition technology makes it easier for identifying  criminals or terrorists in public places.

Driver plates can also be easily auto-scanned by police cars or speed cameras.

Private security systems have also become much more advanced and sophisticated with the introduction of internet technology and computer technology.

26. Weather Forecasting

The world’s weather depends upon a multitude of factors which are changing constantly and is complex.

It is really impossible for human beings for monitoring and processing all the data and the information coming in from satellite and other technologies, never mind performing the complex calculations which are needed to predict what is likely to happen in the future scenario.

Computer systems can also process the large amounts of meteorological data and information.

27. Robotics

Robotics is an expanding area of technology that combines computer systems with engineering and science for producing machines that can either do specific jobs that humans are unable to do or replace human beings.

One of the 1st use of robotics was in manufacturing for building cars.

Since then, robots have been developed for exploring areas where conditions are too harsh for human beings, for law enforcement, for helping the military, and for assisting healthcare professionals.

28. Industry

Computer systems are used in industries forperforming several asks, such as communicating over video conferencing, designing virtual products or sampling, interior designing, maintaining inventory and more.

Online marketing has made it easier for individuals for buying products in rural areas.

Due to its easy participation potential, online trading in stock markets has also seen a significant revolution.

Computer systems have enabled individuals from different levels of different locations for participating easily in stock marketing

29. Training

Most of the companies use computers for providing training to their employees.

Computer-based training helps companies to increase their productivity and save their money and time.

Also, computer-based training can be used for training employees for large distances in several places and locations.

This will eliminate travel costs and time, making the training process much more smoother and comfortable.

30. Arts

Computer systems have become an important part of culture, dance, photography, and art.

Computer systems with advanced features can be used for allowing individuals for drawing their projects directly on it.

Besides, individuals can use computer systems for digitizing their photos.

There are various image editor software which can help individuals customize and edit their images.

The dance’s steps movements can be shown live with animations’ help apart from this.

31. Sports

Computer systems are being used in almost every sport in today’s technologically advanced and developed world.

There are various sports activities where computer systems are making things possible.

Computer systems are mainly used for maintaining scoreboards, records, and other statistics in sports.

Furthermore, they are used for analyzing player movements and making several in-game decisions.

Computer systems help make complex in-game decisions (especially in umpiring), that cannot be seen by human naked eyes.

32. Office Automation

The computer systems are now necessary for office automation works for completing all office works, nowadays not even any office runs without the use of a computer system.

The computer is a great machine and tool for running any business it provides almost all solutions regarding any issue or problem in our life.

For example– You have a running store which sells various grocery products.

Computer systems can help you for running your store by giving you a solution for maintaining your stock, will be providing data and information about the stock- which stock is low and how much stock is in the store and what stock is not selling and what is to purchase, it also provides you analysis of items and products, which products are the best selling products.

So you can get the best result with the hell of a computer.

33. Managing stock exchange

Super computers are used for managing stock exchanges because a stock exchange have millions and billions of data entries and helps in managing the heavy bulk of queries to done in mili-seconds.

Therefore, a supercomputer can do such type of work.

The investors have a great interest in stock exchange because of one mistake, it can lead for the costs of many more people life.

Individuals like to invest only if they know more about business in depth and so the stock exchange is a business that provides you many opportunities and complete information.

So, you must have a computer and good knowledge about stock exchange if you want to work on the stock exchange.

Therefore, the computer is used for managing the stock exchange business.

34. Hotel Management

Computer devices are used for preparing documentation, trial balance sheets, and for front desk management, and various other jobs in hotel management.


So, these are the most prominent uses and applications of computers now a days.

Needless to say, computers have become an inherent part of our lives- a part that we cannot ignore even if we want to.

We hope that our article proved beneficial for you in knowing about the applications of the computers.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the 10 application of computer?
1. For Scientific Research
2. For Business Applications
3. For Education
4. For Entertainment
5. In Banks
6. For Communication
7. For Engineering Purposes
8. For Medicines Related
9. For Book Publishing
10. For Games