C++ program for student details using array of objects

Array of Objects in C++

Array of Object is similar to creating array or integer, character or any primitive data types.


Array of integer is

int age[5]={1,2,3,4,5};

Similar way array of Student is

Student s[5]={studentObj1,studentObj2,studnetObj3,studentObj4,studentObj5};

Student is class Name

s is array of objects of 5 elements

To initialize student object two methods are used here

  1. Initialize student object from constructor
  2. Create a function to get input from user to initialize student object.

Example: C++ program for student details using array of objects

  1. Create a class name student
  2. Declare necessary fields for student as name,age and rollno as a private member of class.
  3. In public section create constructor to initialize value from it
  4. also create a show function to show/ print user data.

To copy local array variable name to Student class name strcpy() is used


Get User Input for Student Objects

  1. create a class student
  2. declare fields of student as private data member
  3. create a function getStudent() to get input from user and assign it to student data members
  4. create a function showStudent() to show student object details to user.
  5. create a main method and define size of student object
  6. loop student object to take input from user
  7. loop student objcet to show student object details from array of object.


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