Table 2to 20 And Methods To Remember Times Tables Easily

Remembering timetables can be useful in many real-life situations, and is a very crucial step in becoming good at mathematics. It may seem like a lot to memorize, but you will be on your way to having it learned in no time by practicing every day and breaking it down into sections. Tip – You … Read more

Numbers Types of Numbers | Number names 1 to 100

Here we will discuss Numbers and its type also see Number names 1 to 10. [latexpage] What are Numbers? Within our everyday routines, we use numerals. They are frequently referred to as numbers. We can’t count objects, calendars, age, cash, or anything else without numerals. These digits are often used for measuring and several other … Read more

1 billion in rupees: Billion to Lakhs Crores Million

If we talk about the Indian currency i.e. Rupees, then 1 billion is equal to 10000 lacs. 1 billion is equal to 10000000000 which is a natural number. The number 1000000001 comes after 1 billion and the number 999999999 comes before it. To describe in quantities in Math, the concept of place value is used. … Read more

Definition of circle Circumference, Area, Chord, Segment

[latexpage] Definition of circle When a line AB rotate by 360 degree taking center A, thus obtained figure is called circle. A is called center of circle. A to any point on the circle joining is called radius, a line passing through the center of the circle is called diameter of circle and its value … Read more


[latexpage] ${2}^{6}$ – where 2 is the base & 6 is the exponent, and read as “two raised to the power six” Negative integral exponent of a rational number when a is the non zero R.N $a^{(-n)}= (\frac{1}{a})^n$ , $(\frac{2}{3})^{-4}= \frac{1}{\frac{3}{4}}^4$ $(\frac{a}{b}){-n}= (\frac{b}{a})^n$ (there is $\frac{a}{b}$ and $\frac{b}{a}$ multiplication inverse) $a^m×a^n=a^{(m+n)}$ $a^m/(a^n ) = a^{(m-n)}$ … Read more

Algebraic expression

[latexpage] A combination of constant and variables connected by some or all at the the four fundamental operations, additions, substraction, multiplication & division is called an algabric expression e.g- 3x + zy Terms:- the different part of an algebraic expression separated by sign+ or – are called the terms of an expression. e.g. 3x+2y (term … Read more

Sets Identity function

[latexpage] The function that associates each real number to it self is called the identity function and denoted by I $I : R \rightarrow R$ I(x) = x : x $\varepsilon$ R The domain and range of the identity function are both equal to R. the graph is a straight line passing through the origin … Read more

Set Relations

[latexpage] A relation (“ is Religion of”) between SET A to SET B is a sub set of A×B Where ‘R ≤ A×B If SET A & SET B is not Vol D SET & If (a,b) $\varepsalon$ R read as a is related to b by relation R’ if (a, b) R then a … Read more

Law of Algebra of sets

[latexpage] Law of Algebra of sets: a) Impotent law- A $\cap$ A=A and A $\cup$ A = A b) Identity Law – A $\cap \phi $ = A and A $\cup$ u=A c) Commutative law- A $\cap$ B = B $\cap$ A and A $\cup$ B = B $\cup$ A d) Associative law- (A $\cap$ … Read more

Venn Diagram

[latexpage] first of all a swiss mathematician euler gave an idea to represent a set by the points in a closed curve. Later on British mathematician john venn brought this idea to practice. Such the diagrams drawn to represent sets are called venn ealer diagrams or venn diagram. In venn diagrams the universal set u … Read more