CS Full form – Company Secretary or Computer Science

What is the full form of CS? There are two different full forms of CS, in commerce, it is Company Secretary, and in computer, it is Computer Science. CS is an abbreviation for Company Secretary. It is a senior position in both the commercial and governmental sectors. It is one of the highest-paying occupations—employees with … Read more

ITI full form | ITI Course Trades Institutes and Job

ITI Full form is Industrial Training Institute ITI is especially a 2-year technical course. This course is useful to those people who are in need of work and want to learn valuable skills. The various disciplines can be Fitter, Linesman, Welder, etc. The minimum eligibility criterion for ITI is grade 10. It can be done … Read more

What is the full form of SC ST OBC UR and EWS?

Many times we heard these terms so here we will know the full form of SC ST OBC UR and EWS. This post is only for information purposes   The caste system is a method of categorizing people into professions or races. The practice of branding people into a specific caste based on their birth … Read more

CPU full form

CPU full form is the Central Processing Unit of a computer. A computer consists of various parts, what is CPU full form CPU full form is Central Processing Unit (CPU), the central computing unit, abbreviated as CPU. The easiest way to understand is, the calculator when you enter 1+1, he will help you calculate 2, … Read more

Full form of CSS | Details of CSS

Introduction For designing a website we need to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML and CSS are both markup languages whereas Javascript is a programming language. One can learn web designing at w3schools,codeacademy and offline courses are there. Stackoverflow is a platform where students can get their queries resolved. Learning HTML takes hardly 2- 4 … Read more

What is the full form of Computer? Computer full form

what is computer Basically, a computer is a machine that is capable of getting data in a given form and having done a sequence of operations in accordance with a predetermined but variable set of instructions to deliver a result in the form of information. It has turned into a personification in our day-to-day proceedings. … Read more

What is the full form of CBSE? Details of CBSE

full form of CBSE is Central Board of Secondary education Introduction Everyone should be educated whether someone is rich or poor. Without education, a person’s life is in darkness. Education can only eradicate the darkness and gives a ray of hope and opportunities in a person’s life. Education is imparted by teachers to teach students. … Read more

ATM full form (Automatic Trailer Machine)

The ATM full form is an Automatic Trailer machine. This is a very commonly used and widely accepted term. The field of Science, chemistry, and the field of computer networking ATM has different full forms we have discussed later in this article. History of ATM On September 2, 1969. the first automatic teller machine (ATM) … Read more