PHP Working with Directories

Handle a directory there are several functions in PHP language. i. mkdir() ii. opendir() iii. readdir() iv. scandir() v. rmdir() vi. closedir() i. Create Directory Want to create a new folder using PHP then use mkdir(). Only one argument is required the folder name or folder location where want to create the folder. Example

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How to remove special characters from string in PHP

Characters other than alphabet [A-Za-z] and digits [0-9] are known as special characters like symbols & ^ % @. Removing special characters from PHP string is very easy by using php library functions like preg_replace() str_replace() Lets see them one by one Using preg_replace() to remove special characters from string in PHP PHP provides preg_replace() … Read more

How to use CKEditor in PHP Installation and Uses

Here we will discuss what is CKEditor and How to use CKEditor in PHP how to install CKEditor and How to use it. What is CKEditor? It is a Modern JavaScript rich text editor. It provides the perfect WYSIWYI UI for creating semantic content. CKEditor5 is written in ES6 with MVC Architecture. CKEditor provides rich … Read more

PHP Switch Case Statement Syntax and Example

This statement is used if one needs to select one from multiple options. PHP Switch Case Syntax:

PHP switch case is used to select one among multiple options. inside switch we can use expression or  value inside switch there can be multiple case statement with different case value. case value must be constant. break … Read more

While loop in PHP Syntax and Example

While loop in PHP is also used for repeating statements in PHP. PHP while loop checks for the condition if the condition is true then code inside the body of the loop is get executed. while – As long conditions are true, it loops back again and again through the block of code. Syntax while … Read more

PHP do while loop statement with syntax and example

If the specified condition is true, loop through the block of code once and then repeat again and again. Syntax



Do while loop is known as an exit control loop because it checks the condition at last(on exit). Do while loop executes at least once when if the condition is … Read more

PHP Introduction Syntax and First Example

Her we will provide Introduction of PHP. PHP is short form of Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP was Created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf To start with PHP one should need few things that are as follows:• basic knowledge of programming / scripting.  PHP Syntax:

Save your file by naming the file of “.php” extension. PHP … Read more

PHP Constants

It is just the name for the value. But its value cannot be change in the entire script once it is created. Generally its name starts with either letter or underscore (no other signs) Syntax:

Name: It specify the name of constant Value: It specify the value of constant Case-sensitive: It means whether the … Read more

How to Send Email using PHP mail() Function

Send Email using PHP mail() Function is one of the important feature of PHP. mail() is used to send email from one email address to another. Send email by PHP is very easy and without cost. PHP gives mail() function to send email.mail() function Syntax:

Output:Done! Benefits of email in web application 1. Customer … Read more