Computer Networks Application Types

A network is the interconnection of two or more devices these devices are also known as nodes . a node can be a computer printer or any device capable of sending and receiving data generated by other nodes on the network A computer network is a collection of interconnected devices that can communicate with each … Read more


A protocol is set of rules that governs the data communication it specifies the structure, meaning and timing of communication the basic elements of protocol are Syntax semantics and timing Syntex specifies format or structure of the data packet Semantic specifies meaning of each section of bits Timing is specified when to start and how … Read more

Flow control

Flow control so control specifies the direction of data flow it can be three types simplex half duplex full duplex duplex Incept in simplex data always flows one Direction like whenever a user keyboards button display on monitor sohar information flow is always from keyboard to monitor Half duplex in half duplex data flow in … Read more