HTML Table rowspan and colspan

HTML Table rowspan and colspan are useful to use multiple rows and columns. HTML ROW SPAN In HTML, the rowspan attribute is used to specify how many rows a table cell should span or cover vertically within an HTML table. It is an attribute that can be applied to <td> (table data) or <th> (table … Read more

HTML hr tag

Hr is used to show horizontal line in html document. When ever we have to give any horizontal row between two element we use this tag Hr does not have any closing tag. Syntax


Output: Hello How are you Whats going on

HTML head tag

As we have already seen the structure of html document. The root of the document is html tag then there are two child tags head and body. Head tag contains meta data of a web page like title, meta,link,base. Syntax


HTML br tag

The HTML hr tag is used to create a horizontal line that separates content in a webpage. It stands for “horizontal rule” and is a self-closing tag, meaning it doesn’t require a closing tag. Here’s an example of how to use the hr tag in HTML:

In this example, the hr tag is used … Read more

HTML table tag

We can create a table in html by using <htmt></htmt> tag.with in table tag we use <tr> to create new table row.inside tr we use <td> tag to specify data provide table header <th> tag is used One table can contain multiple table rows and each row can contain multiple table data. Syntax

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In HTML, a list is a way to display a group of related items in an ordered or unordered format. Lists are commonly used to create menus, navigation bars, and other types of content where a group of related items need to be presented in a structured way. HTML provides three types of lists Ordered … Read more

HTML Anchor tag

Anchor tag is used to create hyperlink in web page. We can provide a hyperlink to give a option to user to redirect or open new page on same or on another window. Here href attribute value is a url or path of next page where you want to redirect or open the page Tag … Read more

HTML Paragraph tag

This tag is used to write paragraph in html document. Tag


Output: Hello how are you This is a good book

HTML Heading Tags

We use six tags for Heading These are

font size decreses from <h1> to <h6> Example

Output This is h1 heading This is h2 heading This is h3 heading This is h4 heading This is h5 heading This is h6 heading We can use these tags to give appropriete heading in web page. … Read more