JSON Tutorial Basic to Advance

JSON stand for Java Script Object Notation (JSON). JSON is not a Programming Language. JSON is a data interchange format. Using JSON we can transfer data between client and server and server to server. JSON is defined in RFC4627 written in 2006. Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) published JSON RFC7159 in March 2014. Later on … Read more

How to Parse JSON Array With Gson

Parsing JSON array is very easy with Gson. Follow these steps to read JSON Array Create GSON Object Read array with fromJson() To read jsonString as array we use following syntax Gson gson=new Gson(); ElementType [] refVar=gson.fromJson(jsonString,ElementType[].class); To read jsonString as List TypeToken is used to find the type of class List eList=(List)gson.fromJson(reader, new TypeToken(){}.getType()); … Read more