SpringBoot JPA @OneToMany Mapping : Fetch data from tables

SpringBoot JPA @OneToMany Mapping as name says we will see one to many mapping in SpringBoot and JPA. First see the ER Diagram SpringBoot JPA @OneToMany Mapping ER Diagram Following is the Entity Relationship Diagram for user, user_mails and user_mobiles table. One user can have multiple mail ids. So this is a one to many … Read more

Angular Spring Boot showing data in table

Here we will use Angular and Spring boot to show data in HTML table. Spring boot To start a spring project go to https://start.spring.io/ For this project we selected Click on generate to download spring boot project then extract then project zip file and move to your project location. Eclipse IDE is used to develop … Read more

Spring Boot Security Form Authentication In Memory Users

Spring Boot Security is a module in the Spring Boot framework that handles authentication, authorization, and other security aspects in web applications. It provides features like user management, CSRF protection, and security filters to ensure robust application security with minimal configuration and coding effort. The key components of Spring Boot Security include: Authentication: Handles user … Read more

Spring boot crud example with MySQL and Postman

Here we are discussing the Spring boot crud example with MySQL that will include all basic operations few queries for JPA and check responsesProject using Postman. Project Explorer for Spring boot crud example with MySQL Starting Spring boot Project with Spring Initializer Open Spring Initializer Click on Generate it will download file. Open Eclipse IDE … Read more