How to write certificate for project

Writing a certificate for a project is an essential task to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the students who have successfully completed their project. Certificates provide a sense of accomplishment and recognition, which motivates students to excel further in their future endeavors. Whether it’s a school project or a college project, writing a … Read more

Latex enumerate a b c

“Latex enumerate a b c” refers to the “enumerate” environment in LaTeX, which is used to create numbered or lettered lists. The “a b c” part refers to using lowercase letters (a, b, c) as the labels for each item in the list. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to use the “enumerate” environment … Read more

New India new education system

On 29th July 2020, the  Union cabinet introduce new education policy. (Ministry of human resource and development (MHRD) the renamed as the ministry of education). The prime minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi the cabinet meeting related to the education policy of India. In India it was said that the New Indian education system is … Read more