User Defined exception in Java | Java custom exception examples

In Java programming, it is possible to create our own exceptions and such exception are called user-defined exceptions in Java. The exception class is a predefined class. Any user-defined exception created by us must be a subclass of the predefined Exception class and created by extending the Exception class. Read More Exception Handling in Java: … Read more

How to write certificate for project

Writing a certificate for a project is an essential task to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the students who have successfully completed their project. Certificates provide a sense of accomplishment and recognition, which motivates students to excel further in their future endeavors. Whether it’s a school project or a college project, writing a … Read more

isPrime() Javascript : Prime number program in Javascript

isPrime() Javascript represents a prime number checker function in Javascript. Prime number is a number which is divisible by one and number itself. like numbers 5,7,11,13,17, etc are prime numbers. Prime number program in javascript using for loop Below program uses for loop to check a number is prime or not. Create a function isPrime() … Read more

छत्तीसगढ़ प्राकृतिक प्रदेश

प्राकृतिक विभाजन प्रतिशत् क्षेत्रफल 1) छत्तीसगढ़ का मैदान/ 50.34ः 68064 वर्ग कि.मी. महानदी बेसिन 2) दण्डकारण्य का पठार 28.91ः 39060 वर्ग कि.मी. 3) पूर्वी बघेल का पठार 16.16ः 21863 वर्ग कि.मी 4) जशपुर सामरी पाट 4.59ः 6205 वर्ग कि.मी. छत्तीसगढ़ का मैैदान इसके भौतिक उपविभाग पेण्ड्रा, लोरमी का पठार, व छुरी उदयपुर की पहाड़ियों छ.ग. … Read more

Employee details program in java using class and object

Employee details program in java as below. Here two classes are created Employee class EmployeeMain class Details of these two classes are as below java program for employee details using class and object employee class in java : This class contains various fields of employees like id, fname, lname, address etc. Its corresponding getter … Read more

Law of Algebra of sets

Law of Algebra of sets: a) Impotent law- A A=A and A A = A b) Identity Law – A = A and A u=A c) Commutative law- A B = B A and A B = B A d) Associative law- (A B) C = A (B C) e) Distributive law- A (B C) … Read more

Cuboid Cube Cylender cone

Cuboid: A solid whose, length, breadth & height are different is called a cuboid. It has a six rectangular plane faces, 12 edges & 8 vertex. Cube: A cuboid whose length ,breadth & height are equal is called a cube. Cylinder: When a rectangle. OABO’ is rotate at its oo’ axis in initial position to … Read more

Fraction Definition and Types of Fraction

A fraction is a number representing a part of the whole e.g. ¼ (1 is the numerator & 4 is the denominator ) is showing whole 4 than ¼ is the 1/4th part. Like fraction– fraction having the same denominator are called like fraction. Unlike fraction– fractions having different denominator are called unlike fraction. Proper … Read more

Quadrilateral Definition and Type of quadrilaterals

Quadrilaterals- a simple closed figure surrounded by four line segment is called a quadrilaterals. It has four sides , four angles, four vertices and two diagonals. The sum of all angles are . Adjacent side- having a common end point. e.g PQ & QR Opposite side- do not have any common point. eg. PQ, RS … Read more