Caret Symbol (^) and its use

Did you ever wonder what is the symbol above the digit 6 on your standard qwerty keyboard? Or let me put this in another way. Can you tell me which is the least used punctuation mark in conventional writing? No, no! I do not mean that it is not used at all. Well, it is … Read more

Find out Duplicate Number between 1 to n numbers in java

Find out duplicate number between 1 to n numbers in java is generally ask in interviews. Here we are going to find a duplicate number between 1 and n. n is any user given number. We have to check which number is duplicate. For example In above figure first row contains number 12 two times … Read more

ITI full form | ITI Course Trades Institutes and Job

ITI Full form is Industrial Training Institute ITI is especially a 2-year technical course. This course is useful to those people who are in need of work and want to learn valuable skills. The various disciplines can be Fitter, Linesman, Welder, etc. The minimum eligibility criterion for ITI is grade 10. It can be done … Read more

Java Scanner Class Getting Input from user and file

Java Scanner class is used to take input from users and file. Scanner class is defined as java.util.Scanner It is defined as a final class and extends the Object class and implements Iterator<String> and Closeable interface.

Scanner class reads data in form of tokens and break token based on the delimiter the default delimiter … Read more

How much is 1 million: In Rupees thousands lakhs dollars

1 million meaning In Mathematics, 1 million implies 1 thousand thousand. If we talk mathematically, then 1 million is a natural number which is preceded by 1000001 and followed by 999999. We rarely use millions in our daily life unlike lakhs, thousands, and hundreds. Therefore, to be honest most of us do not have a … Read more

Sending mail using java mail API

for this java mail api should be present on your class path.

Full form of CSS | Details of CSS

Introduction For designing a website we need to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML and CSS are both markup languages whereas Javascript is a programming language. One can learn web designing at w3schools,codeacademy and offline courses are there. Stackoverflow is a platform where students can get their queries resolved. Learning HTML takes hardly 2- 4 … Read more

How to find String length in java Length() & without string method

Get String length with String length() method To find String length in java there is a method length(). This method is used to get the length of the string. The signature of length method is:

The length method returns the length of the string. it counts the number of Unicode in string. str.length java … Read more

How To Fix Internal Exception: In Minecraft

All of us know that coding is a very difficult task, but what is more difficult is coping with the errors encountered in coding Internal Exception: In Minecraft. This problem becomes enormous when you have no idea about the coding issue. On the other hand, if we talk about playing online games then these … Read more