Crud operations in PHP using mysqli and PHPMyAdmin

PHP MySQL CRUD involves the connection of PHP with the MySQL database and performing Create (Insert), Read (Select), Update (Modify), and Delete Operation on the table. PHP and MySQL connectivity is a very important topic while learning PHP here step by step PHP and MySQL connectivity and creat update delete and read operations are discussed using … Read more

XAMPP export database: Export & Import MySql Database in phpMyAdmin

XAMPP export database: Export and Import MySql Database is very easy anyone can easily import and export it. First, let us see how to export the database from phpMyAdmin XAMPP export database from phpMyAdmin Follow these steps to export Mysql Database How to import the database in PHPMyAdmin XAMPP is the same as below how … Read more

Polymorphism in PHP with Example

Polymorphism in PHP is one of the important concept in OOPs. Polymorphism is a Greek word. Polymorphism is created by two different words poly (means many) and morph (means forms). It is another functionality of OOPS. In programming language two types of Polymorphism are there. Function overriding (Run time Polymorphism) Function Overloading(Compile time Polymorphism) Function … Read more

How to remove special characters from string in PHP

Characters other than alphabet [A-Za-z] and digits [0-9] are known as special characters like symbols & ^ % @. Removing special characters from PHP string is very easy by using php library functions like preg_replace() str_replace() Lets see them one by one Using preg_replace() to remove special characters from string in PHP PHP provides preg_replace() … Read more

PHP String

String means set of characters or letters or combination in single or double quotes. Like ‘PHP Language’. If you placed the number in the single quote or double quotes it’s also a string. Like ‘12345’. Similarly, special characters symbol whatever if you write it in the single or double quote it’s become a string. In … Read more

String functions in PHP- uses and examples

Now list some String functions in PHP to handle and manipulate string in PHP. All functions explained are inbuilt PHP functions also known as predefined string functions in PHP. These functions are defined during creation of PHP. sterlen() Length of String sterlen() function is used to get the entire length of the string. If there … Read more

PHP while loop syntax and example

While loop in PHP is also used for repeating statements in PHP. PHP while loop check for condition if condition is true then code inside body of loop is get executed. while – As long conditions is true, it loop back again and again through block of code. Syntax:while (condition is true) {code to be … Read more

PHP File Upload Example

PHP File Upload is a very important topic in PHP. Build any kind of websites or web application there has must be files. So want know that how can upload files or retrieve those files and download it (if required). You should have basic knowledge of Form Handling in PHP for working uploading a file. … Read more

PHP for and foreach loop statement

It is used when one knows how many time one need to run the particular loop. It is also of two types: 1. PHP for loop statement Loop back again and again through specified time duration. PHP for loop syntax:

Example: PHP for loop example

Result: The number is: 0The number is: 1The … Read more