JavaScript Introduction

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. Javascript code is downloaded from the server and executed on client’s browser. We can include javascript statements in html file or we can create a javascript file and can import it on html files. In html file we can use script tag to write javascript statements. Syntax

we … Read more

Simple Calculator in Java Applet

Java Applet provides a GUI way to create a program and its interface, Here we are creating Simple Calculator in Java Applet with GUI and its processing. As we have already learned about applet and applet life cycle. Here we have discussed two simple calculator programs using the applet. 1 Simple calculator program in java … Read more

Struts2 Redirect to External URL

We want to redirect the action to another website or URL.for that syntax is used

type=”redirect” is used to redirect this action to the specified URL is a variable in the action class with getter and setter methods.We are getting the URL value from the JSP page to get the URL value in … Read more

Java program to print vowels in a String

In Java, String is represented as an Object. String characters are represented in Unicode encoding. In the English language, there are five vowels a, e, i, o, and u. In any string, vowels can be in small or in large letters. Here using the Java program we will see how to find vowels in the … Read more

Sum of two numbers using command line arguments in java

Command line argument is as a way to pass arguments in java while running java program. 1 Sum of two integer numbers using command line arguments in java Steps to add two integer numbers is below

Run above program from command prompt >javac >java CommandLineArguments 8 5 Output

value 8 will pass … Read more

Mathematical Shapes

Polygon– Simple closed figures having three or more line segment are called polygon (or simple closed curve). Triangle– A three sided polygon is called triangle. Quadrilateral– A four sided polygon is called quadrilateral. Pentagon– A five sided polygon is called a pentagon. Hexagon– A six sided polygon is called hexagon. Heptagon– A seven sided polygon … Read more

Jquery toggle an element

toggle is a method which is used to show and hide the selected class. if select element is hidden then on toggle it will show element.If element is not hidden on toggle it will hide the element. Photography Photography is the science, art and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic … Read more

Write the definition of a method max that has three int parameters and returns the largest

We discussed the above method using Program: Write the definition of a method max that has three int parameters and returns the largest We have created a method max that takes three integer inputs a,b and c, and find greater among three using relational and logical operators

Program: Method max that has three int … Read more

Android Studio Hello World First Example

Download and Install Android Studio: First, you need to download and install Android Studio on your computer. You can download it from the official website of Android Studio. The below program is developed with Android Studio Chipmunk | 2021.2.1 Patch 2 Create a new project: File->New ->New Project (Ctrl+Shift+N) Select a activity type here we … Read more

How to solve “objects are not valid as a react child”

The “Objects are not valid as a React child” error occurs when a component attempts to render an object as a child. React components can only render primitive data types, such as strings or numbers, as children. Here are the steps to solve this error: Step 1: Identify the component causing the error First you … Read more