Java program to add two numbers

java program to add two numbers is a very simple program. It is required by learners How can we add two numbers. We will start with simple addition and try to cover additional things here. Java program to add two numbers Steps to add two numbers Store two numbers in two variables Add both variables … Read more

Exception Handling in Java with Examples

To learn about exception handling first you must know what is an exception What is an Exception in Java An exception is run time error that can occur due to wrong user input or due to logical error in programming. Arithmetic Exception Example Consider a simple example. Take two integer number from command prompt and … Read more

Top 11 Tools for writing an effective research paper

Gone are visiting the library, studying various books, and penning down notes on paper for writing an effective research paper. We no longer have to do this tedious routine for a research paper, all thanks to technology. Research Paper writing today is dynamic. We often use the World Wide Web to study analytics, watch videos, … Read more

What is the value of 5 million dollars in Indian rupees?

How much are 5 million dollars in Indian rupees? You can calculate easily you must know the value of 5 million and price of a dollar multiply it and get the answer. We are calculation this as below Note – initially, I want to bring this to the notice of all our readers that we … Read more

Factors of 108

Factors of 108 are the numbers that when multiplied in pairs give the product as 108. The factors of 108 consist of all the integers i.e. positive as well as negative whole numbers – 108 can be divided into such integers. Before we study about factors of 108, let’s have a quick recall about the … Read more

Jquery remove element : remove text HTML div image table

Jquery remove element is a way to remove an element from DOM. Jquery remove element on button click The remove() is very useful to remove the elements

Jquery remove element by class Example remove html element

Jquery remove element by id

Remove element from DOM

remove text from div

Jquery … Read more

How to get multiple checkbox value in javascript and JQuery

On many websites, you find multiple check box forms to select your interest, or to select multiple options. That can be created by using the HTML check box.

Here to make an input as a text box we need type=”checkbox”. name is a name given to a text box value property that specifies what … Read more

Vector and Matrix Operations in Scilab

Matrix Operations in Scilab is very easy before starting matrix operations let’s first discuss vectors. You can easily perform add, subtraction, multiplication, calculation of eigenvalue and Eigenvectors, finding the inverse of the matrix, calculating linear equations and many more operations are easy with Scilab. What is Vector in Scilab We can create a vector in … Read more

34 Applications of Computer in various fields

We are going to discuss Applications of Computer in various fields. We have given only a few applications nowadays computer are using in many fields. The first electronic computer systems were used to perform difficult numerical calculations. Gradually they have come to take on more complicated and much wider roles. They now perform a diverse … Read more