html/jsp page response in ajax get method

We want to get an entire page as ajax response by using jquery get method. Steps: 1) First create pages(FirstJsp.jsp and SecondJsp.jsp) 2) call jquery get method to get ajax response in one page(here FirstJsp.jsp to get SecondJsp.jsp) 3)Configure struts.xml file Lets start with page creating FirstJsp.jsp




how to return array, arraylist, object from a method in java

In Java we can create methods to do specific work and many times we have to return results from java method. A java method can return any datatypes or object type from method. 1 Return primitive datatypes from method A Returning int long float double values from a java method A. Return a integer value … Read more

HTML Table rowspan and colspan

HTML Table rowspan and colspan are useful to use multiple rows and columns. HTML ROW SPAN In HTML, the rowspan attribute is used to specify how many rows a table cell should span or cover vertically within an HTML table. It is an attribute that can be applied to <td> (table data) or <th> (table … Read more

Jtable in Java Swing Example defaulttablemodel cell color

JTable in Java is a swing component, that is used to show data in a two-dimensional Grid. Here we will discuss JTable Java Swing Example with various parameters It is used to display and edit data in cell format in table How to create login form in java swing Constructors of JTable in Java Swing … Read more

Struts2 Redirect to External URL

We want to redirect the action to another website or URL.for that syntax is used

type=”redirect” is used to redirect this action to the specified URL is a variable in the action class with getter and setter methods.We are getting the URL value from the JSP page to get the URL value in … Read more

Increment and decrement operators in Python (+=, -=)

INCREMENT AND DECREMENT OPERATORS IN PYTHON If you’re acquainted with other programming languages like C, Java, or PHP, you’ll recognize that the ++ symbol represents two operators: the increment and decrement operators, respectively. The increment and decrement operators are not available in Python.  This may seem strange, but in Python you would write + = … Read more

How to get multiple parameters in ServletContext



Results Read More How to access ServletContext parameters How to access ServletConfig initial parameter value

Gson parse json array with example

Gson parses JSON array meaning to Parsing JSON array with Google Gson library. Follow these steps to read JSON Array To read jsonString as an array we use the following syntax Gson gson=new Gson(); ElementType [] refVar=gson.fromJson(jsonString,ElementType[].class); To read jsonString as List TypeToken is used to find the type of class List eList=(List)gson.fromJson(reader, new TypeToken(){}.getType()); … Read more

How to insert data in MySql Using JSP Servlet & JDBC

Here we will insert data in MySQL using JSP Servlet and JDBC. Here We will fetch Data from the JSP page and pass it to Servlet then DAO which contains JDBC code to store data in the MySQL database. How To Get Data From Database To Servlet Jdbc JSP Technology used Steps for Data insertion … Read more

Employee Management System JSP Servlet Project

org. comp.model Employee Model –

Employee Controller Servlet added org.comp.controller package is used for controller AddEmployee.Java

Data Access Object

HTML Pages ListEmployees.jsp