PHP File Handing

File handling is need for any web application so FILE HANDLING is an important part of PHP language. Some task to be done file needs to be processed. PHP have many function handling any kind of normal files. (Liketxt, docx, csv, jpg etc) Handle a file need to know below topics i. File create ii. … Read more

Echo and print Statements in PHP

There are two types of statements in PHP by which we can generate output, one is echo and another in print. print and echo both are used to print the data in PHP and are used frequently in the programming. 1. Echo in PHP What is an echo in PHP: echo is used to print … Read more

Crud operations in PHP using mysqli and PHPMyAdmin

PHP MySQL CRUD involves the connection of PHP with the MySQL database and performing Create (Insert), Read (Select), Update (Modify), and Delete Operation on the table. PHP and MySQL connectivity is a very important topic while learning PHP here step by step PHP and MySQL connectivity and creat update delete and read operations are discussed using … Read more

PHP Strings Functions

Searching & Replacing String Write any some logical PHP program you need to search some text for a particular chunk of string. Like, need to know the domain name of user email id or want to know the current page name from page URL. In PHP language there are some pre-define function to search particular … Read more

PHP if else, else if Statements with examples

There are few conditional statements in PHP that is been used for putting different conditions. All the statements are as follows: 1. PHP if statement It execute that code only if the situation is true otherwise not. if statement Syntax:


ResultPHP! 2. PHP if else statement If true then execute the result, … Read more

PHP Final Class

In PHP 5 a new mechanism added in OOPS which is Final Keyword. If a class declares by final keyword then the class never extended. Child class can’t be created of any Final class. It is restrict the overriding a method. Only class and function may be declared as Final but no variable or properties … Read more

PHP Data Types

PHP datatype specifies which type of data a variable can store. There are following data types of PHP: String Integer Float Boolean Array 1. PHP Strings This is sequence of characters which can be put in whether double quotes or single quotes. Example:


2 PHP Integers Integers are whole numbers in which … Read more

PHP for and foreach loop statement

It is used when one knows how many time one need to run the particular loop. It is also of two types: 1. PHP for loop statement Loop back again and again through specified time duration. Read More PHP while loop PHP do while loop PHP for loop syntax:

Example: PHP for loop example … Read more

Polymorphism in PHP with Example

Polymorphism in PHP is one of the important concepts in OOPs. Polymorphism is a Greek word. Polymorphism is created by two different words poly (means many) and morph (means forms). It is another functionality of OOPS. In a programming language, two types of Polymorphism are there. Function overriding (Run time Polymorphism) Function Overloading(Compile time Polymorphism) … Read more

PHP String

String means set of characters or letters or combination in single or double quotes. Like ‘PHP Language’. If you placed the number in the single quote or double quotes it’s also a string. Like ‘12345’. Similarly, special characters symbol whatever if you write it in the single or double quote it’s become a string. In … Read more