PHP CKEditor Installation and Uses

Write a designable content not possible through HTML form field. That’s why JS create editor which helps user to write designable content in website. Like Gmail use Closure Library JS editor, WordPress support TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor same as PHP support CKEditor, WYMeditor, FCKeditor.

Using this editor user can write blog easily with picture colorful content, admin can add product description with table design, product specification. Admin can write their website content easily by this editor like About Us page content, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Terms & Condition, etc.

How to Install CKEditor

CKEditor is one of the best useful content editors. It is open source free editor. First need to download this editor.  this is the download link.

After downloading move rar file in the project folder and extract.

Using CKEditor in the project with example

CKEditor for php projects

Use CKEditor in any php script with include external js file ckeditor.js and add class attribute with value ckeditor  in a textarea form element.

After that editor is return in the browser.



CKEditor Example

In this example use content_editor table in the test database.


This is the table structure. Content column always set longtext so user can store large data in this field.

When save editor content data will save in the database with the design of the content not only value that’s why when fetch the database data its return same design as it is.

Mysql Database table

That’s why this editor is very user friendly and useful for website.