What is the full form of CBSE? Details of CBSE

full form of CBSE is Central Board of Secondary education


Everyone should be educated whether someone is rich or poor. Without education, a person’s life is in darkness.

Education can only eradicate the darkness and gives a ray of hope and opportunities in a person’s life.

Education is imparted by teachers to teach students. CBSE was mainly formed to cater to the needs of that schoolchild whose genitors are into movable professions.  

Schools do provide the right education after the parents to the child in an external environment.

A child’s concerns are valued in schools and they are taught manners as well as discipline.

Teachers are the custodians of education in schools.

They shape the future of a child and nurture a child to become a nice and responsible citizen in society.

CBSE has become the forefront runner in the education arena in India. They have captured the attention of parents in this fast-pace society.

People have accepted CBSE schools as their last savior as they have no other choice with a wide range of benefits.

CBSE was established on 3rd November 1962.

The official language was Hindi & English. Mainly in CBSE medium of instruction is English.

It basically conducts examinations of secondary school for All India examination, primarily started for Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools.

Now many well-known schools in India and abroad follow it or are affiliated with it.

The syllabus of CBSE is drafted by very renowned educationists, senior faculty teachers, some advocates, some administration officers, and jury members of CBSE itself.

Every parent is focused on getting his/her child into CBSE schools. It is not tough compared to ICSE and local medium schools.

Students of CBSE get a lot of exposure in handling different competitive exams like NEET, JEE Main, JEE Advanced.

CBSE Full Form in English

CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary education.

It has a wide presence in every part of the country owing to its high-quality education.

Every year lots of students pass out from CBSE Schools with high percentages sometimes displayed on national television.

2 types of schools who have gained prominence in CBSE:

Kendriya Vidyalaya:

Some features of KV must be made visible in the following observations:

  • Faculties-It depends upon the teacher interactive teaching with the students whether they are able to deliver valuable and rich content to students. Having passed an exam and getting appointment does not guarantee teacher will be excellent in teaching. It depends on the teacher dedication, honest approach towards teaching content to students. Most of KVs have a dedicated faculty or science students. Those who are in Arts or commerce may face a lot of problem they should make necessary arrangement to shift to other schools or colleges so that they can excel in their respective field.
  • Games-Every Kendriya Vidyalaya has a profound approach for the students to excel in outdoor games. If one student gets selected in their school group they can participate in district,state and national competitions which can give a wing to their future aspirations in sports.

Definitely, KV’s are the best place to be up to one’s 10th standard. The savings through marginal fees should then be properly utilized to pay for spacious schools for right exposure and competitiveness to get top hand for beyond.

Wide Estate–All Kendriya Vidyalayas have a huge playground so that child can play outdoor sports in their leisure period.

Buildings are very small compared to these wide estate playgrounds. These wide estates can be converted into temporary relief camps in case of natural calamities.

Diversified Culture –Students from different backgrounds belonging to different states having different faiths are getting together in one place

Movable–Students will be acquainted with their parents’ movable job which happens after fixed years.

This provides KV students to acclimatize to new surroundings, different kinds of people, and tolerance towards a new place.

They must face new odds in their lives.

Responsiveness –someone who has interacted with a KV person can find students have an understanding between them.

They got to know more about each other accordingly behave cordially.

Attachment – Genitors of children in KV schools are from army background that makes attachment between them.

There is an inevitable bonding that everybody cherishes throughout our lives.

Few years of spending among students will have a vivid memory among students for the rest of their lives.

Pleasure – A child’s daily activity is filled with pleasure and excitement, whether waiting for the sports period when the child will play any outdoor sports in the playground of schools to chill out.

Children having their lunch boxes shared among each other in recess time and their chit-chat gossips.

Most of the CBSE schools are Kendriya Vidyalayas located in every state of the country.

These types of schools are suited for central government employees. Fees are somewhat less for students studying in these schools as compared to private schools.

KVs are the institutions that do not differentiate between the high class and lower class.

The uniforms are the same throughout the country, and one interacts with everyone; if anyone is the daughter of a tailor or someone is the son of a DGP(Police). N

ot an atmosphere you find every where KVs also stand out for their national-level competitions for sports, cultural activities, and academics, that bring out the best in people.

DAV Schools

A lot of schools are now in the form of DAV schools. These schools are under Dayanand Anglo Vedic to capture the essence of our great revered saint Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati.

Let us take the case of DAV schools which have mushroomed across India. They have become the lifeline of education in India.

The school life of DAV is pretty enjoyable for students as schools provide ample opportunities to showcase their skills.

Almost every state has a lot of DAV schools owing to the need of people.

These schools are giving good results in the All-India platform.

Students are also performing well in different competitions whether it is related to singing, dancing, sports, and debate.

Here at DAV, everyone performs hawan every single day.

Though we never care about chanting mantras along with gurus but it has definitely given us a major reason to remember it after school and in a corner.

The yagnya shala in itself has an amazing aura. Its high dome roof is something someone never forgets.

Hardly someone thinks any other school teaches and preaches Vedic mantra in today’s race for academics.

Plus it would be fascinating in winters to sit near the fire and let the heat come in.

Objectives of CBSE

  1. To give children education according to the latest standards relating to the modern era.
  2. To give a competitive mind spirit among students so that student can excel well in any sphere of life.
  3. To give a tension free environment in schools.


The varying contrast between CBSE and ICSE board can be evident on these takeaways:

  1. CBSE is under supervision of a Board while ICSE is a School Certificate Examination. In contrast to Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), ICSE is a private organisation looking into it.
  2. Syllabus is different in both cases. Normally, the ICSE  syllabus is difficult  for students as compared to CBSE, since ICSE’s syllabus is structured according to the education system of western countries
  3. In ICSE, English is preferred as study. Whereas in CBSE, it is both English and Hindi.
  4. CBSE carries grade point system to evaluate students’ results. On the other hand, ICSE publishes two result sheets, in which one displays the grades while the other marks obtained by the student.


The varying contrast between CBSE and SSC board can be evident on these takeaways:

  1. CBSE is availed mainly by upper middle class also sometimes lower middle class. Whereas SSC is availed by every section of society according to their neediness.
  2. In CBSE instruction is English as well as Hindi. Whereas in SSC medium is local language.
  3. CBSE students perform well in competitive exams whereas SSC students perform less as compared to SSC.
  4. SSC students are given mid-day meals so that they get nutritious food which is essential for a child development in their growing years as a initiative by respective state governments. Whereas no such facility is given in a CBSE school Students will have to bring their own food from their respective homes or can eat food at lunch hours by giving some money to avail it.

Appointment of Managing Committee, Teaching Staff and Non-Teaching Staff

Managing Committee is the committee which looks into the appointment of staff hiring, smooth conduct of schools.

This committee comprises head who should not be principal or associated with a principal, parent representatives, few teachers of school any gazetted post like  Retired Administrative Authority, member of a social group or NGO.

Any discrepancy that happens in school the case is solved through these committee members only.

Teachers are appointed through a selection process where their documents are checked and they see whether they have any teaching experience so that it will be helpful for school.

Teacher’squalifications are usually Bachelors or Masters Education with Bachelor in Education a must.

Higher educations than this qualification are always welcome.

Non-Teaching staff is hired according to a specific qualification that is specified in the advertisement with detailed qualifications mattering to school authorities.

For Teaching staff time to time training programs are held in different regions so that their skill can be upgraded.

All the staff are paid their regular salaries apart from that they have a provident fund scheme, other essential perks.

Those who are senior having a lot of experience have their pay hike sometimes may get promoted to principal if they have some special abilities in handling critical situations.

Sometimes Contractual teachers are appointed who get appointed for short time on an ad-hoc basis with fixed salary, no special benefits being provided to them. They can be made permanent if school authorities agree under specific conditions.

Facilities provided in CBSE Schools

  1. Students get their school uniforms annually which they need to wear each year so that they follow rules and regulation laid by the schools. If someone abstains from wearing uniform one particular day then they get punished that day.
  2. Students have to face long hours in schools so definitely students get hungry after certain hours. Schools for that purpose have established a canteen in school premises. Canteens provided hygienic quality food which can be eaten by both teachers and students. House rent fee, electricity fees are sometimes borne by the school authorities so that canteen will not think about profit and can compromise on the quality of food.
  3. Now schools those were operation with Blackboard,Chalk,Duster are getting replaced by SMART classrooms. SMART classroom can be availed by the teachers so that students can get interactive with teachers through PowerPoint slides.
  4. Some schools have swimming pools,carrom board, badmintoncourt, basketball court  where students can spent their idle time in these activities so that they can divert away from strenuous hours of studies. Sports Teachers are there who assist students in mock drill or helping students play games, playing role of referee in case of important competition.
  5. Residential schools are there where parents enrol their child for their betterment. Wardens are present here who look after the children in their needs so that children will follow rules and regulation. Residential schools are those premises where school is there along with that hostel is present so that children can stay and child will have to wear uniform themselves and get to the dining table where food is served. Every student must be there in the dining there at the specified time to have their food. Warden sees that any untoward incident is being forwarded to them as soon as possible. No outsider can visit hostels of students except the parents and relatives.
  6. Separate Urinals for staffs and students are present in the building of schools. Cleaning staff are always there for maintaining cleanliness of urinals otherwise bad odour will prevail in premises of school attracting harmful organisms which can spread various diseases and may create a panic in school.
  7. A primary health care centre is there consisting of a doctor preferably MBBS background and a compounder to look into the medical emergencies in the school premises. First-aid is provided to the needy persons as soon as possible.
  8. Generator is there so that untimely electricity cut is accommodated with power supply. Sufficient amount of fuel is present for the generator.
  9. Fire extinguisher is present in important parts of building of school so that if any fire hazard occurs then fire fighter having experience in extinguishing fire are rushed to extinguish fire with zero casualties.
  10. Water tanks are there so that adequate drinking water is made available to students,teachers and other persons present in the school.Water tanks are there for flushing of toilets and cleaning of urinals. Periodically.
  11. A central library is there so that students can take membership and borrow books regarding their needs. Teachers can also borrow reference books for their teaching.
  12. Adequate Lighting,Fans are there so that ventilation is there.
  13. Adequate amount of Tables,Chairs and desks are there so that students can sit and concentrate on their study.
  14. National or private bank is present in the school along with ATMs. School deposits are available in these banks so that in any case of future needs relating to development and infrastructure of schools can be done as well as for paying salaries to staffs. Parents can pay their child tuition fees as well as annual fees in Cheque format in these banks.
  15. Adequate computers are there catering to the needs of students. Now a child is taught coding at an early age. For that purpose trained computer faculty is present who can teach coding to students.
  16. No Outsider is allowed in the premises of schools. They have to specify their grievance in an orderly manner so that it can be heard.
  17. Some private schools have teachers teaching their schools and if these teachers children gets to study in their school their tuition fees is exempted. This facility can be availed for only one child.
  18. Bus facilities provided by lot of CBSE Schools. Bus Fees are collected from students who are interested to avail bus service in the form of transport changes. A Bus will have specific number of students to travel to and fro journey from their home to school and vice-versa. Parents will be at specific bus point so that bus will pick students from that point and leave for school. Driver should have Driving License and should have pollution certificate, other transport documents. Conductor should be there for students well being in the bus.

Advantages of CBSE schools

  1. CBSE schools are cost effective for parents who want to enrol their child into these schools.
  2. As the medium of instruction is English students have no problem in their higher education or in professional studies.
  3. Those who avail class 11th and 12th in schools they perform better in entrance exams as compared to ICSE or local medium students.
  4. Students get to learn 3 languages which is helpful in their professional as well as personal life.
  5. As CBSE Schools are English oriented students are very much fluent in English language over the years.

Disadvantages of CBSE schools

  1. CBSE students definitely have less fluency in English and science subjects especially as higher education studies are focussed on Class 9th onwards in these schools so that they have to focus on their studies a lot in these 2  years especially class 9th and 1oth. Whereas ICSE student’s foundation in Science subject is done at least from class 6th onwards so definitely they have an added advantage over CBSE students.
  2. Parents have to pay a lot of money to enrol in these schools. These schools have an admission fee annually. Also parents have to pay monthly tuition fees which adds burden to parents budgetary allocation towards education fees.


Q. What is the full form of CBSE?

Central Board of Secondary Education.


CBSE schools have changed the paradigm of the education system in India.

They have given a varied view in terms of education provided to students so that an average student can perform better in studies.

All-round development of a student is possible only through CBSE board.

Many mediocre students have performed well in their exams as well as extra-curricular activities.

There was a time when a parent was worried about the education of his/her child, but CBSE drove away this fear from parents.

Education was limited in its scope where only meritorious students could excel and mediocre students were left out in the past cases.

More and more people are drawn towards the CBSE board for availing of education for their families.

Lower middle-class parents have understood the present education scenario and accordingly enroll their children in these schools.

Those children who have big ambitions in their life should enroll in these schools so that they can achieve a huge amounts of success in their life and want to do something for the betterment of poor and backward people in society.

People are now conscious about the latest trends through the Internet. They are having news of foreign countries’ education systems and what is lacking in Indian Education System and that gets overcome through CBSE only.

Many CBSE students have become Doctors, Engineers, Administrative officials, Banking officials, etc.

It is a pride for parents who have studied less but have big aspirations for their child to get admit their child to these schools.

Parents with their hard-earned money spent on their child education.

They consider education as the basic need for their children to progress in life-critical situations.

Education spent by them on their child will give satisfaction to their mind, body, and soul and give a good sleep at the night.

They do not compromise on education needs of children at any cost.