CSS Tables

We have alreay learned HTML Tables that is very basic there we learned how to create HTML table and how to make rows cols in HTML Table. To Make a beautiful HTML table we apply CSS on HTML Table. CSS has the following properties for styling the HTML Tables: border border-collapse width height text-align vertical-align … Read more

HTML Table rowspan and colspan

To span a row more than a single row we can use rowspan attribute. Example: Group 1 Manish Durg India  Manoj Bhopal India  Group 2 Rohit Banglore India  Nitesh Bhopal India  

Output: Group 1 Manish Durg India Manoj Bhopal India Group 2 Rohit Banglore India Nitesh Bhopal India To span a column more than … Read more

HTML table tag

We can create a table in html by using <htmt></htmt> tag.with in table tag we use <tr> to create new table row.inside tr we use <td> tag to specify data value.to provide table header <th> tag is used One table can contain multiple table rows and each row can contain multiple table data. Syntax

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