Java string replace:string character whitespace vowel regex

Here we will see Java string replace examples with replacing the string, replacing characters, replacing whitespace vowels, and using a regular expression to replace string and substring. Java string replace Example: use of replace() Java String replace() is used to replace substring in given string.

In this example, Joker is replaced with Poker and … Read more

PHP String

String means set of characters or letters or combination in single or double quotes. Like ‘PHP Language’. If you placed the number in the single quote or double quotes it’s also a string. Like ‘12345’. Similarly, special characters symbol whatever if you write it in the single or double quote it’s become a string. In … Read more

String functions in PHP- uses and examples

Now list some String functions in PHP to handle and manipulate string in PHP. All functions explained are inbuilt PHP functions also known as predefined string functions in PHP. These functions are defined during creation of PHP. sterlen() Length of String sterlen() function is used to get the entire length of the string. If there … Read more

String in Java- Constructor methods and examples

Java String is defined in java.lang.String. Java String is a sequence of characters quoted in double quote (” “). Java String Constructors Sr No Constructor and description 1 String() Create a new empty string object 2 String(byte[] bytes) Construct a string object with byte array 3 String(char[] value) Construct a string object with character array … Read more