Java string replace:string character whitespace vowel regex

Here we will see Java string replace examples with replacing the string, replacing characters, replacing whitespace vowels, and using a regular expression to replace string and substring.

Java string replace Example: use of replace()

Java String replace() is used to replace substring in given string.

In this example, Joker is replaced with Poker and the updated string is stored in s2.

Java replace multiple characters in string | replaceall java

In the following example, we replace all occurrences of This to It using relpaceAll().

Here we are replacing This with It. This comes 3 times using replaceAll() we can replace multiple occurrences of text.

String replace java Example

java string replace substring

how to replace a character in a string in java | replace character in string java

Replacing a single character from a string is simple by using replace().

The following example illustrates the same

java string replace regex

A regular expression is one of the powerful mechanisms in Java. using regular expressions we can reduce our code.

How to remove special characters from a string in java

Java replaceall regex example

how to replace a character in a string in java without using replace method

This may be your interview question. In a simple way we can use replace() but we don’t have to use it.

To solve this we get substring before character and substring after character then we combined. str1+char+str2.

java replace string with another string

Here One String is replaced with another string using replaceAll().

Replace vowels in a string java

Here we considered both upper and lower case vowels and replaced it with -. Here replaceAll() method is used to replace.

Java string replace whitespace | Replace whitespace in java

White spaces are spaces between characters and words it also includes \t \r \n. To remove white spaces we use the \\s pattern that includes all-white spaces.