Addition of Two Matrix in C Programming

A Matrix is Two dimensional array that have number of rows and columns. Addition of Two Matrix in C Programming is very easy. To write program for adding two matrix is same as we perform matrix addition in mathematics. To Add Two Numbers rows and columns of both matrix should be same. Element of each … Read more

Multi-dimensional Array in C Programming

C programming language also support multidimensional arrays. Syntax of multidimensional array declaration: Data_type    array_name[size1][size2]…[sizeN]; For example, if we want to creates a three dimensional integer array − int  num[5][10][4]; Two-dimensional Arrays The simplest form of multidimensional array is the two-dimensional array. if we want to declare a two dimensional integer array of size [x][y] ( … Read more

Array in PHP

An array is a data structure or a collection of data that contains a group of elements under same name. Typically these elements are all of the same data types or different data types. for example:If a complex has thirty flats each flat having same features then the whole complex is considered to be an … Read more