HTML 5 Document Structure

General HTML 5 Document Structure is as below

<!DOCTYPE html> specifies that this document is html 5 document and you can use all html5 tags here.

<html> is root tag of html document it contains two child tags <head> and <body>

<head> specifies that this portion contains heading information of page we can use many other tags here like <title> which is used to specify the title of page and may other.

<body> we put the contents which you would like to display on browser.
Inside body tag we use many different html tags to proper formatting the data.

HTML logo png

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In above syntax start and end tags are optional.

if you dont want to use any attribute with root tab ie <html lang=”en”> then you can omit this

So syntax with out root tag

Exampe of html document


In the XHTML syntax we have to specify the xmlns to declare that it is a HTML namespace.

We can use lang or xml:lang attribute to specify the language

Syntax with xmlns



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