Caret Symbol (^) and its use

Did you ever wonder what is the symbol above the digit 6 on your standard qwerty keyboard? Or let me put this in another way. Can you tell me which is the least used punctuation mark in conventional writing? No, no! I do not mean that it is not used at all. Well, it is … Read more

CRUD JDBC Project in Java with MySql Source Code

CRUD JDBC Project in Java is a good and basic project for beginners this project will help you to understand the basic concepts of JDBC operation. Here we have covered more than 11 JDBC operations. Database connection with java is one of the essential features of java, In java to connect with the database we … Read more

Linux and Unix rm command tutorial with examples

“rm” command is used to remove/delete files. this command can delete more than one file at a time. “rm” command can also delete the specific file from the directory. Syntax:

Example: Suppose we want to delete a file Mybook01 then the command is as follows:

Note: File ones delete can’t be regained. Delete … Read more

How to write certificate for project

Writing a certificate for a project is an essential task to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the students who have successfully completed their project. Certificates provide a sense of accomplishment and recognition, which motivates students to excel further in their future endeavors. Whether it’s a school project or a college project, writing a … Read more

C++ program for student details using array of objects

Array of Objects in C++ Array of Object is similar to creating array or integer, character or any primitive data types. Example Array of integer is int age[5]={1,2,3,4,5}; Similar way array of Students is Student s[5]={studentObj1,studentObj2,studnetObj3,studentObj4,studentObj5}; The student is class Name s is an array of objects of 5 elements To initialize the student object … Read more

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Add active class onclick javascript and jQuery

Add active class to a div on javascript onclick event Here we are applying a style to a simple div. Steps to add a css class on click event

Add active class onclick javascript to HTML ul List to make menu Here We have ul list elements to create horizontal menu on click on … Read more

34 Applications of Computer in various fields

We are going to discuss Applications of Computers in various fields. We have given only a few applications nowadays computers are used in many fields. The first electronic computer systems were used to perform difficult numerical calculations. Gradually they have come to take on more complicated and much wider roles. They now perform a diverse … Read more

Prime number program in java using while loop

Here we generate and check prime number using while loop in java so that we titled this prime number program in java using while loop. 1 What is a Prime Number A prime number is a whole number that has only two factors 1 and the number itself. For example, 23 is a prime number, … Read more