Struts2 Redirect to External URL

We want to redirect the action to another website or URL.for that syntax is used

type=”redirect” is used to redirect this action to the specified URL is a variable in the action class with getter and setter methods.We are getting the URL value from the JSP page to get the URL value in … Read more

How to write certificate for project

Writing a certificate for a project is an essential task to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the students who have successfully completed their project. Certificates provide a sense of accomplishment and recognition, which motivates students to excel further in their future endeavors. Whether it’s a school project or a college project, writing a … Read more

Java program to print vowels in a String

In Java, String is represented as an Object. String characters are represented in Unicode encoding. In the English language, there are five vowels a, e, i, o, and u. In any string, vowels can be in small or in large letters. Here using the Java program we will see how to find vowels in the … Read more

C++ program for student details using array of objects

Array of Objects in C++ Array of Object is similar to creating array or integer, character or any primitive data types. Example Array of integer is int age[5]={1,2,3,4,5}; Similar way array of Students is Student s[5]={studentObj1,studentObj2,studnetObj3,studentObj4,studentObj5}; The student is class Name s is an array of objects of 5 elements To initialize the student object … Read more

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Caret Symbol (^) and its use

Did you ever wonder what is the symbol above the digit 6 on your standard qwerty keyboard? Or let me put this in another way. Can you tell me which is the least used punctuation mark in conventional writing? No, no! I do not mean that it is not used at all. Well, it is … Read more

Add active class onclick javascript and jQuery

Add active class to a div on javascript onclick event Here we are applying a style to a simple div. Steps to add a css class on click event

Add active class onclick javascript to HTML ul List to make menu Here We have ul list elements to create horizontal menu on click on … Read more

Sum of two numbers using command line arguments in java

Command line argument is as a way to pass arguments in java while running java program. 1 Sum of two integer numbers using command line arguments in java Steps to add two integer numbers is below

Run above program from command prompt >javac >java CommandLineArguments 8 5 Output

value 8 will pass … Read more