Work Flow of Struts1 framework

  1. User submits the request having data from login.jsp form.
  2. Through the web.xml ActionServlet traps the request.
  3. ActionServlet uses struts-config.xml file entries to decide appropriate action class and FormBean class to process the request.
  4. Forward Software create form beans class object and populates received form data to form bean class object.
  5. Forward create Action class object.
  6. Forward calls execute method of action class.
  7. Action class interact model component.
  8. Model component execute business logic.
  9. Business logic execution result comes to action class execute().
  10. Action class transfer the control to the controller ActionServlet.
  11. Based on ActionForward statement available in struts-config.xml file controle goes to result.jsp.
  12. Presentation logic in result.jsp pages execute and formatted result goes to browser as response.