Business Studies Class 12 Notes Financial Markets

1 Introduction to Financial Markets Financial Intermediation = procedure of allocating cash from saving surplus devices (E.g. households) to saving deficit gadgets (e.g. industries, authorities etc.). • Alternatives = Banks or Financial markets Financial Markets are the institutional preparations through which financial savings generated in the financial system are channelized into avenues of funding by … Read more

Business Studies Financial Management Class 12 Notes

1 Introduction Business Finance = Money or cash accessible for an enterprise for its operations (that is, for some unique purpose) is known as finance. It is integral for survival and increase of business, for manufacturing and distribution of items and assembly day to day prices etc. It entails obtaining money to purchase Fixed property … Read more

Business Studies Marketing Management Class 12 Notes

1 what is marketing in business studies class 12 Marketing refers to things to do a business enterprise undertakes to promote the shopping for or promoting of a product or service. Marketing consists of advertising, selling, and turning in merchandise to buyers or different businesses. Some advertising and marketing are accomplished via associates on behalf … Read more

Business Studies Class 12 Notes Directing

1 Meaning of Directing Directing capability giving instructions, guiding, counseling, motivating and main the team of workers in a corporation in doing work to gain Organizational goals. Directing is a key managerial feature to be carried out by using the supervisor alongside with planning, organizing, staffing and controlling. From pinnacle govt to supervisor performs the … Read more

Business Studies Class 12 Notes Business Environment

1. Meaning of Business Environment The phrase ‘business environment’ shows the combination whole of all people, businesses and different forces that are backyard the strength of enterprise however that may additionally have an effect on its production. According to nameless writer- “Just like the universe, withhold from it the subset that describes the gadget and … Read more

Business Studies Class 12 Notes Principles of Management

Management is imperative to any agency that desires to be environment friendly and reap its aims. Without all people in a function of authority there would be organizational anarchy with no shape and very little, if any focus. It has been noted that administration has 4 essential elements – planning, organizing, essential and controlling. Common … Read more

Business Studies Class 12 Notes Nature and Significance of Management

  Management is an artwork of getting matters performed with and via others. Management can be described as, the system of getting matters completed with the intention of attaining organizational dreams successfully and efficiently. For Example U mart is a non-public limited company with various branches all over the country. It has a complex organization … Read more