Replacing content of div using .replaceWith()

To replace the content of a div span or any other block elements content with html element a jquery method .replaceWith() is used.


A selector can be id class or tag selector of element to replace with newContent passed in .replaceWith() method. a newContent can be html string, DOM element, Array or object.
Another syntax uses any function that evaluates and replace the selector with new function return value.

There is a div with id value a with content Hi how are you. Here id a will replaced with div id with value b and content I am fine when ever user click on button.

Html page is

We want to replace <div id=”a”> with following content

To achive above with jquery we will use following code


Here new content will be

Lets use function in replaceWith method

Jquery code

.replaceWith() does not clone the object it replace the content on DOM.