Introduction of struts1

Struts is a framework software to develop mvc base web application having the capability to generate integration logic of controller servlet dynamically.This make programmers only concentrate on view layer-presentation logic and Model layer Business logic.

Vendors :Apache foundation
Version:struts 1.2.x
Based on servlet api-2.4,jsp api2.0
Author:crag Mcchallan

Installing: installing struts s/w is nothing but downloading the zip file and extrat it.

Components/file involve in struts Application deployment

  1. jsp(views)-contain presentation logic
  2. Action Servlet—Built in serlet acting as controller.
  3. Web.xml Development Descriptor
  4. FormBean (ActionForm)-Simple java class developed by programmer to store client supplied form date(jsp/html) into its objects,javaBeans class contain getter & setter method.
  5. Action class:- Simple java class developed by programmer either containing Business logic or logic to interect model components.
  6. Action Forward:-Xml entries in struts-config.xml file pointing to result.
  7. struts-config file:-Xml file containing configuration of action classes,form bean,action forward and etc.