NULL Pointers in C Programming

A pointer that is assigned NULL is called a null pointer. We must initialize NULL pointer during variable declaration. A null pointer refers to pointer variable that does not point to a valid address. Generally NULL pointer is used when you do not have an exact address to be assigned.


Pointer to Pointer in C Programming

In  C language, a pointer is an address. Normally, a pointer variable contains the address of a another variable.  A pointer to a pointer is a chain of pointers.  Or Pointer to pointer means one pointer variable holds the address of another pointer variable.

Arithmetic Operation With Pointer

In a C programming, we can also perform arithmetic operations with pointer. There are four arithmetic operators that can be performed with pointers: Increment (++) Decrement ( — ) Addition ( + ) Subtraction ( – ) ¬†For a simple variable int a=3;a++; //print 4Increment integer value by one. Pointer is a variable which can … Read more