JavaScript variables

Variable is a user given name to a memory location where user can store values and can access it using variable name. user can give any valid variable name to store data. Variables can store different types of data like integer,character,string, boolean,real values etc. Syntax

for all kind of variable we use var keyword … Read more

Variables in JavaScript

A JavaScript variable is simply a name of a storage location. There are two types of variables in JavaScript: Local variable Global variable There are some rules for declaring a JavaScript variable: Name must begin with a letter (a-z or A-Z), underscore ( _ ), or dollar( $ ). After first letter digits (0-9) can be used … Read more

Variables in C Programming

Variables is a name given to memory location.              int x =10;                                                                                             here, x is a integer variable.                                                      Integer variable x is a name given to memory location and where we stored integer value10. Initialize multiple variable : we can also initialize multipleby comma separated list. int  a,b,c;          Here, we have initialized … Read more