Python list length

Here we will learn how to find python list length. Below we discussed the python list and find its length.

What is list in python?

A list is an ordered, mutable data structure in python. It can store mixed types of data.

elements are represented using square brackets [].

Example1 : Python list length on integers

A list of integers is created below and printed its length using len().

Example2 : Python list length of strings

A list of string is created and printed its length using len()

Example3 : Python list length of boolean values

list of boolean values True and False are created and printed its size using len().

Example3 : Python list length of mixed values

A mixed type of list is created with string, int, and other data types and its length is created using len().

Example4 : Python list length of Objects

A class student is created and its two objects s1 and s2 are created.

A list is created using two student objects and its length is printed using len.

Here student details are also printed using for loop.

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