Linux and Unix bc command tutorial with examples

bc command is used to perform the basic calculation.


To add two number

write “bc” command on terminal and press enter then specify two number as mention below for addition.

Note: bc command print the result of computation in next line as shown above.

Perform multiple calculations: we can perform multiple calculations on the same line by using “; ”delimiter in bc command.
As shown below we perform three calculations (multiplication, subtraction, power) each separated by ; as the delimiter.

Note: Result of each calculation display in the separate line as shown above. ^ indicates “to the power of”.

bc command performs only integer computation: bc command can perform integer computation and if decimal portion comes in computation it truncates decimal portion. For example:

For decimal calculation by using bc command: for the decimal calculation we have to set “scale” to the number of digits of precision as shown below. We must set the scale before calculation.