JavaScript Multiplication Table Program with HTML CSS

JavaScript Multiplication Table is a multiplication table for any number.

Using JavaScript we program and generate a multiplication table of any number.

Java multiplication table generation using for loop is developed as below

  1. Create a text box to get a number from the user.
  2. Create a button to submit value
  3. on the button click to call the multiplicationTable() function.
  4. the function will get the value of the text box
  5. loop to generate a multiplication table.
  6. print the data on an HTML page.

Example Multiplication table javascript user input

Javascript Multiplication table

Multiplication table in javascript Example: Multiplication table in Range

Here user will enter the range to generate a multiplication table if the user enters 1 and 10 then a multiplication table from 1 to 10 is generated.

Generate Multiplication table in Range

Create an html page with the sole purpose to show multiplication tables of 2 to 10 (row-wise) created by JavaScript. initially, the page is blank. with help of set interval function print a row every 5 seconds in different colors and increasing font size.

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