JavaScript Multiplication Table Program with HTML CSS

JavaScript Multiplication Table is a multiplication table for any number.

Using JavaScript we program and generate multiplication table of any number.

Java multiplication table generation using for loop is developed as below

  1. Create a text box to get a number from user.
  2. Create a button to submit value
  3. on button click call the multiplicationTable() function.
  4. function will get value of text box
  5. loop to generate multiplication table.
  6. print the data in html page.

Example Multiplication table javascript user input

Javascript Multiplication table

Multiplication table in javascript Example: Multiplication table in Range

Here user will enter range to generate multiplication table if user enters 1 and 10 then multiplication table from 1 to 10 is generated.

Generate Multiplication table in Range

Create an html page with the sole purpose to show multiplication tables of 2 to 10 (row-wise) created by JavaScript. initially, the page is blank. with help of set interval function print a row every 5 seconds in different colors and increasing font size.

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