Detail of program

Hibernate client application is the actual application who wants to intrect with database software.
In the client application development two important roles are involved.

  1. get hibernate session object from a pool called hibernate seassionFactory.
  2. Use hibernate session object to perform curd operation on the database table.

Persistance operation

  1. single row operations,
  2. Bulk operations.

Single row operations.(use session object methods)

  1. insert.
  2. session.persist()        insert.
  3. Session.update()        update.
  4. session.delete()        delete.
  5. session.load()        select.

Bulk operation.

  1. using hql(hibernate query langauge)
  2. using criteria api         work as a classes and interface.
  3. Using Native sql query.

Hibernate Session Factory When hibernate client application calls configuration object hibernate software will be activated to read containent of hibernate configuration files property using DOM4j api leatter this properties value will be utilize to create a pool called Hibernate Session Factory

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