Bootstrap 4 Download, CDN and precompiled file details

Here, we will explore what all Bootstrap has to offer.

We will also get to know about some pre compiled and source code flavors.

You need to keep in mind that the JS plugins in Bootstrap need jQuery.

Precompiled Bootstrap

Here’s what you can expect after downloading and unzipping the compressed folder from

What you just saw, can be told as Bootstrap’s most basic form.

These precompiled files are available for drop-in usage for almost any type of web project.

Similarly, you can also get the precompiled CSS and JS in the bootstrap.* package and the minified and compiled JS and CSS from bootstrap.min.* package.

The packae bootstrap.*.map is also available for the CSS source maps which can be used with the developer tools of some browsers.

In addition to that, you can also get the bundled JS files as well as minified with the packages bootstrap.bundle.js and bootstrap.bundle.min.js respectively.

Bootstrap CSS files

There are a few options for including some/all of the compiled CSS files. These can be seen as following:

  • CSS: Includes all – layout, content, components and utilities
  • min.css: minified file includes all like the above one
  • bootstrap-grid.css: Includes only grid system in the layout and only the flex utilities. Content and components are not included.
  • bootstrap-grid.min.css: Same as above.
  • bootstrap-reboot.css: It only includes the reboot contain. None of the layouts, utilities or components are included. Same is the case with the minified CSS file, bootstrap-reboot.css.

Bootstrap JS files

Just like CSS files, some or all compiled JS files can also be included.

Here’s the list for the same:

  • bundle.js and bootstrap.bundle.min.js: Includes popper but jQuery not included. The minified files are also same for the inclusions.
  • js and bootstrap.min.js: These neither include Popper, nor the jQuery.

Bootstrap source code

The source code download for Bootstrap includes the following assets and documentations:

  • Precompiled CSS and JavaScript assets
  • Source Sass, JavaScript, and documentation

Here’s what you can find in the downloaded bootstrap source code

Here, the CSS/ and the js/ have the source codes for the CSS and JavaScript.  

The other folders also contain the related files as mentioned above.

The dist/ folder for example, includes everything that CSS in the precompiled download section.

Similarly, the docs/ folder is there for the source code for the documentation and examples/ folder is for the Bootstrap usage.

Apart from that, any other included file is there to provide the support for all the packages, development and license information.

Bootstrap 4 download

These are the available contents of the Bootstrap 4 downloads that will be used for different aspects of the website development using the mobile first strategy.

You can download Bootstreap from official site