Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers

Many of the big industries and companies rely on computers so much that they hardly can even process their workflows without these super-fast machines.

Computers are considered as an important thing for performing tasks that range from entertainment to navigation.

These devices have become part of our day-to-day lives, but like any other thing in the world, there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with it that you should be aware of.

In this article, we have covered all the advantages and disadvantages of computers and you should check them out.

Nowadays computers are connected to the Internet that extends the advantages and disadvantages of computers.

Computer Technology
Computer Technology

Advantages of Computer

Below, we have mentioned all the major advantages and the benefits that you can reap from using a computer-


Speed is one of the biggest advantages of computers. Initially, the computer was merely used as a computing or calculating device, but now it is a part of our daily life routine.

They possess the incredible fast speed that helps people to perform and complete their tasks at a much faster speed than manually.

Computers are capable of handling billions and trillions of instructions per second which is really fantastic.

Therefore, computers can be used to reduce the amount of time required to perform any digital task.


Computers are the devices that not only provide incredible high speed but also perform each task that is allocated to them with 100% accuracy.

This essentially means computers let their users handle complex numerical calculations with 100% accuracy and at a very high speed.

This is also another advantage of computers.


Multitasking is one of the major advantages of computers – that means that a user can do several tasks at the same time while working on a computer.

You can listen to songs, calculate a numerical problem, open a document, find files in the memory, and check your email messages simultaneously with the help of a computer.


A computer can store a large amount of data and information and the storage of computers have enormously increased these days to a large extent as compared to the previous days.

Information can be easily stored separately for years in the storage of computers.

Computers can store hundreds and thousands of files such as audio, video, images, documents, games, and various other types of information.

Besides all of this, one can easily search for a particular type of file by entering the name of the file with the help of the ‘search’ feature.

This advantage is also eco-friendly as it reduces the use of paper.

The commonly used units for measuring and calculating storage capacity are Petabytes (PB), Terabytes (TB), Gigabytes (GB), and Megabytes (MB).

Data Security

The process of protecting your digital data such as accounts, databases, and files, etc. is known as Data Security.

The computer allows you to protect your data from unauthorized and unwanted users and destructive powers.

It includes features like key management, tokens, and data encryption that help its users protect digital data on several platforms and applications.


The computer can also be used to automate regular processes or tasks such as scanning for viruses, sending email messages, launching specific applications or software, and doing other maintenance tasks, with the help of Task Scheduler.

Apart from all the above-mentioned tasks, computers can also be programmed for performing various complex processes or tasks.

For example- Computers can be easily connected to a camera for tracking the movement of specific objects.

Computers can automatically send an alert if there is any movement, and start recording it if they are programmed accordingly.

Reduced costs

For earning money in several different ways, computers should be considered as a low-cost solution.

When a computer is connected to the Internet, it can be used for performing data entry tasks, selling products via e-commerce stores, creating software, creating and running an online website or blog, and many other freelancing works.

We all know that it is much cheaper to begin any business digitally rather than manually or physically.

In most of cases, people have achieved great and enormous success with low investment.

Increase your productivity

If you have a good understanding of the software that are running on your computer, then these superb and wonderful devices can easily increase your productivity.

And by productivity, it means being and increasing productivity in everything you do.

Let’s say for instance- If you have a basic understanding of how the Word Processor or Microsoft Word works, then you can easily share, edit, store, create, and print letters and documents.

Each of these operations was either slower or impossible with all the pre-existing technologies.

Connects an individual to the Internet

The full potential of a computer is unlocked when you connect the computer to the Internet.

When your computer is connected to the Internet, then your available options and choices are almost limitless.

Most of the advantages that are listed in this article are related to the Internet’s use of the computer.

Helps search, organize, and search through information

A computer system can be used to store data and information more efficiently than any other device.

In our earlier example, we mentioned the ability to store hundreds and thousands of files such as videos, images, and books.

These files such as videos, images, and books can be sorted into categories, alphabetized, and searched once they are stored on a computer to find what you’re looking for in less than a minute.

If you try to find the same text in a thousand books then it would easily take human weeks or months, if not years.

Get a better understanding of data (Data Analysis)

Computers can also give you a better understanding of data and big data and if you are a businessman, then it is more essential for you as a business could have a database of items they’ve sold.

Using that data, they can quickly identify what items aren’t selling, when you need to mark up and mark down the items or products, sells best at what time of year.

Having access to this type of information can give the business a better understanding of their competitive edge against their competitors and their customers.

Keeps you connected

Computer systems can help keep you easily connected with long-distance family and close friends and over e-mail messages and social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

You can also connect with millions and billions of other individuals that share similar interests as you through chats, online forums, and VoIP services, like Skype.

You can meet people you would normally never meet by being able to connect to people all around the world.

Another great thing about communication and connecting with people on the Internet is that it’s fast compared to other forms of communication.

Let’s say for instance/ example- you could send someone an e-mail message on the other side of the planet, and have it arrive in less than a few minutes. 

Snail mail, which is commonly known as postal mail could take days or even weeks (months if ant problem arises) to arrive.

Help you learn and keep you informed

The computer system that is connected to the Internet is something that helps answer almost any question and is a great learning tool that can easily teach you anything that interests you.

You can also access news around the world to keep up-to-date with all of the latest news, weather, and stories around the world and could learn a new profession by reading websites or watching videos.

You could even sign up for online and professional courses that teach you about any subject or topic that you’d learn in your school or your college.

Improves your employment options

Having a computer and knowing how to use one can allow you to work from home and improve your employment opportunities and options.

For example, many offices worldwide needed and required their employees to work from home in the 2020 coronavirus outbreak.

Having a computer at home and knowing how to use a computer allowed many office workers to continue their work even during the pandemic.

Improves your abilities

Don’t you have a great memory, are you not good at maths, do you have poor grammar, or aren’t you the best speller?

Using a computer system can easily improve all of these abilities, and you can rely on the computer as an assistant if you have a hard time learning.

Assist the physically challenged

Computers are an excellent tool for the physically challenged and are also great tools for the blind, with special software it can read what is on the screen.

Stephen Hawking, for example, used a computer system for speaking,  which wouldn’t be as easy without a computer.

Finally, a computer helps with all of the tasks such as socializing, shopping who have a hard time leaving the house or home.

Find love in your life

Millions of people have found their soulmate or true love with the help of online dating websites.

With the help of a computer that is connected to the Internet, you can easily find individuals that are interested in the same things as yours and find some great and potential matches for yourself.

Keep you entertained

With a computer, you could listen to and store millions of songs.

You can also watch a Blu-ray or DVD movie on a computer if you have a disc drive.

You could watch an endless amount of streaming and online videos from popular sites, like Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon when connected to the Internet or the World Wide Web (WWW).

Other services

Today, there are many services of the computer that help save you time such as-

  • Pay online bills and check your bank balance.
  • Online shopping through E-Commerce websites such as Amazon.
  • Order food.
  • View online traffic cameras and find the quickest route to your destination.

Disadvantages of Computer

The use of computers has also caused various and several problems in society nowadays.

The following are the main disadvantages and problems of the computers-


Computers have created heavy employment all over the country and worldwide.

We have already discussed that computers have heavily and largely reduced manpower and the need of people.

Also, many other people in the society and the country are affected who do not have the requisite knowledge to work on computers.

Health Issues

Prolonged and improper use of computers has largely affected people’s health all over the world.

For instance- If you working on computer systems for long and continuous hours, your eyes can become dry, which can result in headaches, eye strains, etc.

Another example is that sitting for too long can cause serious injury in the future by causing pain in the back or neck.

Therefore, everyone should take proper precautions while working on the computer systems and take a break of few minutes after working continuously for half an hour of computer use.

Cyber Crimes

Many people in society use computers for negative activities.

They try to break the computer’s security and gain unauthorized access for hacking credit card details and other private details.

They misuse the information for their own benefit and violate all the laws by accessing information.

These kinds of actions are covered under online cybercrimes.

Virus and Hacking Attacks

Viruses are computer programs that are developed for stealing and damaging your sensitive or personal data or information.

In addition, hacking is the process of getting access to unauthorized data or information for various illegal purposes.

Viruses are typically transferred via email messages, internet download, or removable devices.

For securing your personal information and other sensitive data, it is recommended to use good anti-virus software.

Improper Use

Many people do not understand the real needs of computers and they just use these devices without any positive purpose.

They only use computer systems for chatting with people on social media platforms, playing games, and other negative purposes.

Besides, we all agree that computers are a good source of entertainment.

But, it is not good for health and studies of students who use computers without a purpose. This also leads to a waste of resources such as energy and time.

Spread of Inappropriate and False Content

Not every piece of information on the Internet is true as there are many resources for providing inappropriate content and sharing incorrect data and information to users.

There are several websites on the Internet that provide pornographic content without any restrictions, but even the children and students are redirected to such websites.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to cope up with these activities with the anonymous nature of the Internet.

Negative Impact on Environment

The manufacturing processes of computers produce a lot of waste products and when people change their electronics, they throw away their old systems or devices.

Such wastes release huge amounts of hazardous toxic materials which heavily affect the environment.

Therefore, used computers or PCs should be disposed off or donated properly.

Privacy Violation

The computers can be easily used for storing personal and private data of the people.

The privacy of an individual can be violated if the confidential and personal records are not protected properly.

Short attention span and too much multitasking

Today’s almost all people in the world have become hooked with the Internet and computers.

This is because it has become a reason to use a computer every day.

It gives you immediate answers to your questions that become habituated to getting a quick dopamine fix as you surf the Internet on the computer or computer devices and ask any question.

You can get frustrated easily when something does not work speedily or you are not getting an answer in a timely manner.

Also, it is common to work on more than a single task at the same time with a reduced attention span.

This is because it has been studying that multitasking is not more productive and can cause bad effects on your brain and you can make more mistakes in the work.

Can limit learning and create a dependency

A computer can be a perfect place to get information about any topic if you use a computer that has an Internet connection.

Gaining data and information about anything makes you heavily dependent on electronic devices such as computers and other electronic devices-

For example, if you want to find spelling errors, a spell checker or an auto-correct is an ideal tool that offers the advantage of searching mistakes and makes the correct spelling of a word.

However, you are more likely to make spelling errors if you always depend on the spell checker or auto-correct tools and never learn the proper spelling of a word.  

Also, there are many other helpful tools available, such as GPS, grammar checkers, and calculators, but, you may be helpless when they are not working if you are overly dependent on these tools.

Time sink and lots of distractions

Although an electronic device such as a computer can be a great creation to increase an individual’s productivity, it can also be harmful in terms of wasting lots of time.

For example, you are learning or studying about any specific or particular topic and see any other interesting or exciting link, such as playing games.

Then, you will click on the link and spend your more precious time on playing games.

After two hours, you will realize that you have wasted plenty of  your time and not achieved your original goal and you can also get too much distracted while trying to work with the popularity of notifications and social networks.

You could become anti-social or depressed

It is very easy for users and individuals around the globe to become anti-social while working on the computer as it has the ability to perform almost all work and mainly the tedious work speedily.

Let’s say for instance-  if you are playing any game like Counter-Strike or World of Warcraft or other, such games can consume too much time to end up.

There are also many people who rarely go out to shop with others and that they become easily introverted as they heavily depend on online shopping.

Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others can also be the reason to become anti-social.

There are many social networking applications that offer you the option to make more than thousands of friends and then what happens is that you will spend a lot of time with your social network friends and start rarely communicating with your real-life friends.

Various research around the globe has also shown that social networking sites can be depressing as individuals tend to believe that other people’s lives are so much better than theirs and starts comparing their lives with others on social networking sites and people.

Trolls, abuse, stalking, and exploitation

An individual who spends more time over the Internet can face abusive or trolls’ people and it has been also reported that over the years, another issue of cyberbullying is also increasing speedily.

Unfortunately, it is much easier to encounter these kinds of individuals with the anonymous nature of the Internet and with more and more people sharing information on the Internet, individuals like you can be easily and quickly tracked on the Internet by unauthorized persons such as hackers in terms of stealing your private data or information.

Also, there are various online services available that can be used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to data and information about people.

Heavy Reliance in the Workforce

People can lose valuable files permanently that can have an effect for a long time as the computer system or the PC can be devastating due to system crash or power loss for various businesses as these heavily and hugely rely on the computer system or PC.


Although computer systems have the above-mentioned disadvantages, the advantages of computers simply overcome them.

Nowadays, computers can be seen in every market and sector making jobs and processes useful and easier for human beings.