CSS Buttons

Buttons give a feel of automation to the websites. A button pressed here can redirect you to another page, or may bring something new to current page. CSS has a lot to style the buttons using its numerous properties. The basic outlook of a button is a standard rectangular  image with some instructive text written … Read more

CSS Aural Style Sheets

A website that reads out the content to you is something very real and doable in today’s time. Aural Style Sheets are the special type of CSS style sheets that can help the user listen to the website information instead of them reading it on their own. This is possible by two key features: Speech … Read more

CSS Display

When it comes to layout, display property holds a crucial place in CSS. If break it to the bare essentials, display property simply specifies how the element will be displayed. The default value for this property varies (either block or inline) element to element. We will now take a look at the possible values for … Read more

CSS Grid Layout

The Grid Layout in CSS provides us a grid or table like page layout with rows and columns. The layout is very handy when you want to avoid positioning and floats. Unlike, the website layout, the grid layout doesn’t have a fixed number of sections and is flexible as per the requirements. The general layout … Read more

CSS Specificity

Sometimes some CSS rules might conflict with each other due to the same target element. The browser, in this case, has some set of rules that it can used to decide the wined among the two (or more) rules. This issue resolving the set of rules is known as Specificity. It is like a score/rank … Read more

CSS Dropdowns

Dropdown menus are great for forms and navigation list when you have to pick from a list. The traditional dropdowns included a special button, on clicking which you get a list of options to select from. CSS has although made things easy for us. With the help of CSS properties, we can create hoverable dropdowns. … Read more

CSS Website Layout

The general layout of any website is mostly the same. There are basically 4 parts: Header Menus Content Footer This layout of websites is called the website layout. There are numerous other layouts for the websites used in different genres of websites, but this layout is pretty standard for most. So let’s take a look … Read more

CSS Combinators

Sometimes a selector may not be a simple element but a group of multiple selectors being styled in a similar fashion. These multiple simple selectors may have some dependency/relationship with one another. To define such relationships. CSS uses what is called a Combinator. So, if a selector contains more than one simple selectors, we can … Read more

CSS Functions

CSS has a list of inbuilt functions that can be used as the value for different CSS properties. Here’s the list of the functions with a small description for each one of them. [table id=15 /]

CSS Pagination

Pagination is somewhat similar to a navigation bar except that it has different page numbers that you can directly access. The list contains a series of page numbers (consecutive) and generally has forward and backward buttons at the end to navigate to next page. Pagination is very useful when the website containing data that is … Read more