Setting innodb_lock_wait_timeout

What is innodb_lock_wait_timeout ?

In MySql innodb_lock_wait_timeout is an Innodb transaction wait time in seconds for a row lock.

An another transaction has to wait for specified innodb_lock_wait_timeout if a transaction is taking place. 

innodb-lock-wait-timeout in a system variable in global and session scope this variable can set dynamically to both scopes.

We can set this value as integer from 1 to 1073741824 by default its value is 50.

You can check default value of innodb-lock-wait-timeout by query

show variables like 'innodb_lock_wait_timeout';




SELECT @@innodb_lock_wait_timeout;


All shows the default value.

you can also chek other Server System Variables

Property Value for innodb_lock_wait_timeout

Command-Line Format--innodb-lock-wait-timeout=#
System Variable innodb-lock-wait-timeout
ScopeGlobal, Session
Default Value50
Minimum Value1
Maximum Value1073741824

Show affected tables

Get affected tables you can use following query


It shows locking information in MySql

When to increase or Decrease  innodb-lock-wait-timeout value ?

You can descrese innodb_lock_wait_timeout for OLTP or High interactive systems.

If you have any high time consuming operation long queries in Data-ware house then you can increase its time

A transaction that tries to access a row that is locked by another InnoDB transaction waits at most this many seconds for write access to the row before issuing the following error:

When a lock wait timeout occurs, the current statement is rolled back (not the entire transaction).

How to update innodb-lock-wait-timeout value ?

to show default value of innodb_lock_wait_timeout we use

innodb_lock_wait_timeout can be set at run time with global and session scope

SELECT @@innodb_lock_wait_timeout;

will show innodb_lock_wait_status

innodb-lock-wait-timeout value

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