Struts1 and Spring Configuration Steps

  1. While integrating struts with spring provides business logic in the form of beans and the MVC layer will be provided by struts.
  2. In the order to integrate struts of spring we need plugin class called contextLoaderPlugin or contextLoaderLisenar class these are given in org.spfw.web.struts.jar.*.
  3. We need to configure the above plugin in struts-config.xml file with plugin element.
  4. In the integration the spring cfg.xml file name should <any-name.xm> and put in under of WEB-INF folder.
  5. Delegating action proxy class is responsible to communicate struts-config.xml file to spring-confg.xml file.
  6. In order to move the control form s-c.xml spring cfg file we need to make use of predefined class called delighting Action Proxy class it is given in org.spfw.web.struts.* package.
  7. While integrating struts with spring the action class of struts must be cfg in the spring cfg.xml file.
  8. Action class of struts will using the object of spring bean to call the business logic so Action class is called caller bean and spring bean is all dependent object.