CSS Outline

Styling is not just about making the elements look good, rather be clearly visible while looking good. One such CSS feature that helps the developer in the “visibility” regard is the outline property. In simplest terms, outline is essentially a line drawn around the elements (not inside the Borders) to make the element clearly visible … Read more

PHP Date and Time

Current date and time can get using PHP function. User registration time or want to know the user last login time, booking date or time for order product etc all are possible to get by date() function in PHP. Date function syntax


Explanation date() function has many different parameters. All different parameters … Read more

CSS Box Model

As per the CSS Box Model, every HTML element is surrounded by a box. And each box has the following four parts: Main Content: The actual content part of the element. The said box is actually wrapped around the content of the element. The content can be anything like an image or text etc. Padding: … Read more

CSS Height and Width

The height and width of the elements can be set by the respective namesake properties. The values can be set as any of the following three: auto : The default value calculated by the browser itself Length: Can be given in px, pt, cm etc. Percentage: As per the percentage of the containing block Here’s … Read more

CSS Margins: Definition properties and examples

CSS Margins specify the space and position of the element on the web page. There are basically 4 properties that can be used to specify the margins for the elements:

CSS margin example This div has a margin of 50px.

Run margin-top margin-bottom margin-right margin-left

Run The value for the margin properties … Read more

CSS Colors

Colors are the quintessential part of styling in general. Web page designers also need to be very specific about their color choices to provide the right feel to the user. Thus, web-page styling language CSS, also has colors as one of its important features. Almost all the popular browsers in their latest versions, allow 120+ … Read more

PHP Session

What is Session? Session means a period of time. Day start from 12.00AM and end 11.59PM, during this period 12.00AM to 3.59AM is a mid-night session, 4.00AM to 7.59AM morning session, 8.00AM to 11.59AM day session and similarly goes on. In PHP session is much similar to this. When a user opens an application do … Read more

PHP Cookies

The cookie is a mechanism to store data in the browser for a long time. It is a small data that server embeds on the browser. When a user opens any sites or does some activities in it and next time when he/she open the same website server can identify easily the user. Because browser … Read more

Functions in PHP

A function is a block of code that can be used many times in a program. It helps us to save a lot of codes and time because function defines only one time and we can use it multiple time whenever & wherever we want. The most important reason for using function is ‘Reusability’. Consider … Read more