Cuboid: A solid whose, length, breadth & height are different is called a cuboid. It has a six rectangular plane faces, 12 edges & 8 vertex. Cube: A cuboid whose length ,breadth & height are equal is called a cube. Cylinder: When a rectangle. OABO’ is rotate at its oo’ axis in initial position to … Read more

Decimal Numbers

Decimal number is a number where whole number and decimal number are separated by decimal point(.) Number represented in decimal form in known as Decimal numbers. Like decimal– the decimal with the same number of decimal places are called like decimal. Example 2.39, 4.57, 23.86. Unlike decimal– the decimal having different number of decimal places … Read more


A fraction is a number representing a part of the whole e.g. ¼ (1 is the numerator & 4 is the denominator ) is showing whole 4 than ¼ is the 1/4th part. Like fraction– fraction having the same denominator are called like fraction. Unlike fraction– fractions having different denominator are called unlike fraction. Proper … Read more

common factor

H.C.F- The highest common factor of two or more given number is the highest (or greatest) of their common factor. e.g. 24 = 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24 36 = 1,2,3,4,6,9,12,36 H.C.F = 6 Method Factorization: Euclid’s Algorithm determining the HCF of 18 & 30.


Quadrilaterals- a simple closed figure surrounded by four line segment is called a quadrilaterals. It has four sides , four angles, four vertices and two diagonals. The sum of all angles are . Adjacent side- having a common end point. e.g PQ & QR Opposite side- do not have any common point. eg. PQ, RS … Read more


The figure formed by joining three non collinear points by line segment is called a triangle. It has three sides, 3 vertex and 3 angle. The sum of interior angles of triangle is . Exterior angle of triangle– The exterior angle of a triangle is equal to sum of opposite interior angles. The sum of … Read more


Polygon– Simple closed figures having three or more line segment are called polygon (or simple closed curve). Triangle– A three sided polygon is called triangle. Quadrilateral– A four sided polygon is called quadrilateral. Pentagon– A five sided polygon is called a pentagon. Hexagon– A six sided polygon is called hexagon. Heptagon– A seven sided polygon … Read more

HTML head tag

As we have already seen the structure of html document. The root of the document is html tag then there are two child tags head and body. Head tag contains meta data of a web page like title, meta,link,base. Syntax


Getting servlet header




Getting parameter values

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