Types of Built actions in Struts1

There are following built in actions in Struts1 1 Action Class. 2 Dispatch Action Class. 3 Lookup Dispatch Action. 4 Forward Action Class. 5 Include Action Class. 6 Switch Action Class. 7 Locale Action Class.

Struts1 Validation

Process of verifing the format & correctness of the html/jsp form data like required field are typed or not. There are two types of validation in any application. client side validation.(using javascript .js) server side validation.(using server side technology like servlet,jsp) Struts based server side validation using programmatic approach using validate(—-) of formBean class. using … Read more

Struts1 and Spring Configuration Steps

While integrating struts with spring provides business logic in the form of beans and the MVC layer will be provided by struts. In the order to integrate struts of spring we need plugin class called contextLoaderPlugin or contextLoaderLisenar class these are given in org.spfw.web.struts.jar.*. We need to configure the above plugin in struts-config.xml file with … Read more