Count Repeated Elements in an Array in C Programming

Count Repeated Elements in an Array is generally ask in interviews. This problem can be solved in any language. Here we will discuss algorithm to count repeated elements and implement it on C programming. What is Repeated Elements Repeated elements are elements that occurs more than one time in a list or in a sequence. … Read more

Blockchain Technology: Architecture Work Types Applications & Future

What is Blockchain Technology ? If you have been following cryptocurrency, interesting or banking over the past decade then chances are high that you have heard the term blockchain. Blockchain is the record keeping tech which is behind the famous network of Bitcoin. At first glance, Bitcoin may seem complicated to you but the centre … Read more

JButton in Java Swing with Examples

JButton in Java is defined in javax.swing package . JButton in child of javax.swing.AbstractButton. public class JButton extends AbstractButton implements Accessible To create instance of JButton many constructors are provided. JButton Consturctor Sr No Constructors and Description 1 JButton() Creates a button with no set text or icon. 2 JButton(Action a) Creates a button where … Read more

JTable Pagination in Java JDBC and MySQL Database

Here we will see how to develop JTable Pagination in java. We will use JDBC prepared statement and MySQL Database. We used NetBeans IDE and Jdk 1.8 to develop this project. Our Project Structure is as below To develop this project we used Book Example. Project Development Steps are Create table in MySQL Database SetUp … Read more