Thread Life Cycle in Java

Thread Life Cycle in Java tells the various information of thread form born to terminate. Thread life cycle contains the several stages and at a time any thread can be present  in a single state. States of Thread life cycle Born Ready Running Blocked Sleep Wait Dead Ready:  In this state thread is ready to … Read more

Linux and Unix mv command tutorial with examples

“mv” command is used to moves a group of file to a another/different directory. “mv” command can also use to rename file and directory. This command does not create a new copy of file , it only rename it. When we rename it does not consume any additional space on the disk. Syntax:

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Packages in Java -Types Sub Packages and Examples

Packages in Java is one of the important concept. All Java classes and interfaces are arranged in package structure. What is package in java Packages is a namespace which contains related classes and Interfaces. The methods and field of class define inside the package can be accessible in package outside package and in child classes … Read more

Linux and Unix tail command tutorial with examples

Linux and Unix tail command is one of the important command. Command tail displays the bottom/end of the file at the terminal. When “tail” command is used without any option it will display the bottom/end ten lines of the file. Syntax of tail Command in Unix and Linux Syntax:

Example of tail Command in … Read more


What is Crypto? A cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency and is nearly impossible to double-spend or counterfeit as it is secured by cryptography. Most of the cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks that are based on blockchain technology. One of the main features of cryptocurrencies is that it is not issued by any central authority … Read more

Addition of two numbers in C Programming

Addition of two numbers in C Programming is basic and simple task. We can create it very easily. Writing a program is based on Algorithm. An algorithm is step by step description of program. So before writing program we must write algorithm to develop this program. There are different ways to represent an algorithm 1 … Read more

Break and Continue Statement in C with Example

Break and Continue Statement in C are looping control statements. Based on break and continue statement loop can be break or skipped break and continue both are keywords. break – Uses to break the loop also use with switch to break the switch case. continue– skip the current execution of loop and transfer control to … Read more

Function Overriding in C++ with Example

Function Overriding in C++ Programming Language is one of the important concept in C++. Function Overloading is used to achieve run time polymorphism What is Function Overriding in C++? When two classes are in inheritance hierarchy. Then parent class function is re-defined in child class with same method signature. The re defined function in child … Read more

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Login page in awt applet Java

Creating Login page in awt applet is easy. Here we are not using any layout. Login page contains two label, one textfield , one password field and two buttons. Steps by step process to develop this program is as below Declare Label, JTextField, JPasswordField and Button Inside init() create object for JLabel, JTextField and JPasswordField … Read more