Linux and Unix bc command tutorial with examples

bc command is used to perform the basic calculation. Example: To add two number write “bc” command on terminal and press enter then specify two number as mention below for addition.

Note: bc command print the result of computation in next line as shown above. Perform multiple calculations: we can perform multiple calculations on … Read more

Linux and Unix wc command tutorial with examples

“ wc ” command stands for “word count”. “ wc “ command in Unix/Linux OS is used to calculate/find out and print the number of lines, number of words, number of character and byte of a file. Syntax: $ wc [option] [filename] Example: There is a sample file file01.txt.

Type command on terminal…

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Linux and Unix printf command tutorial with examples

Like a C language, in UNIX “ printf ” is used to print the statement. “ printf “ command is an alternative of “echo” command. Print statement: To print any statement write “printf” command in terminal and the in the double quote ” ” write a sentence to be print. Whatever you will write in … Read more

Linux and Unix echo command tutorial with examples

“echo” command in Unix often used in the shell script for display/print message on the terminal. There are two uses of “echo” command. “echo” is used for display/print message on terminal. “echo” is also used for evaluate shell variable. “echo” is used for display/print message on terminal To print the message on terminal press echo … Read more

Linux and Unix date command tutorial with examples

Command “date” is used to display the date of the system. To see the current date type the command “ date” on the terminal as shown in below


The above command will display current day, date, month, year and time as shown above. Option: date command can also be used with format … Read more